I grew up on a small lake in the woods. The first time I stood at an easel in kindergarten and painted, I knew I loved art.
If I had to narrow down my work to four words, they would be: story, stewards, projects and lake.
Story: Ink and watercolors provide their own versatility as vehicles in writing and drawing stories. My stories are usually nature based. From memoir to fiction and non-fiction for kids. The lake and the woods still provide settings for story ideas.
Stewards: I am inspired by materials others leave behind such as paper, fabric, feathers and pot shards. Reusing materials is a reminder that we are all stewards of the earth.
Projects: The years I spent in the field of architecture were an exploration of materials and ideas in 3D form. I continue to play with paper architectural ideas in my approach to books, box and shadow box making. When I use knitting and sewing in my bookmaking projects, it gives me a feeling of inclusion. An invitation of hand arts from ancestors as they pass down through the family.
Lake: I grew up on a small lake and forever inspired by nature.
Sitting on the rug in a kindergarten classroom reading to a child is a reminder of how precious a moment can be for all gathered around a book.
Above is a drawing from a family vacation memoir. Below are drawings I did in kindergarten. A butterfly hovering near the ground, and a happy two legged creature. What happens in kindergarten sets the foundation for the future.