Indigenous Planning & Mapping: Community Engagement Tools and Strategies for The Brownfields Redevelopment Process

Hands-on community mapping activity with discussion

1-PageDescription-asset mapping exercise.pdf

4 Roles in the Mapping Session

In your groups, determine whose role is what.

  1. Scriber is capturing the context of the points being dropped. There needs to be location data attached to it. It is all about the context.
  2. Pin-dropper is dropping pins into the MyMaps or Google EarthPro. Determine which platform you would like to use on your computer.
  3. Interviewer is asking questions and encouraging the mind mapping/asset mapping exercises on the table

Interviewees are participating in the activities and the discussions at the table.

Asset Mapping Using Google My Maps

Custom Icons

You can use the custom icon set developed by the University of Victoria Ethnographic Mapping Lab