My Maps

My Maps Mashup


Activity #1

Create a My Maps and use the KML files in the folder below to make two layers with the Tribal Lands boundaries from the US Census Bureau.

Search for a tribe and zoom in to take a closer look at the area.

Note: The My Map will look different in edit mode and published mode (like the map below). To search for a location in a published My Maps embedded in a website, click on the expand the map icon in the upper right corner (it looks like the four corners of a square), then on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass next to the map name in the left panel. This will give you a search bar.


Activity #2

Using the map from Activity #1, we will use the EPA EnviroMapper to search for EPA regulated facilities on a reservation of your choice.

Use this link to go to the EnviroMapper EPA EnviroMapper

Instructions for downloading spreadsheets from EnviroMapper, uploading them to Google Drive and converting them to Google Sheets and then importing them to a layer in your My Maps are in the slides above.

Change the icons and style your map.

Click on a facility and see what information appears in the map marker pop up.

Activity #3

Download the Tribal Leaders Dataset (CSV) file from the BIA website

Upload the spreadsheet to your Google Drive folder, open it as Google Sheets and save it as a Google Sheet (see slides at the top of the page).

Use the Google Sheet to search for the Tribal Leader for the Tribe you mapped.

Import the spreadsheet to a new layer in your My Map.

Change the icons and style your map.

Activity #4

Add a new layer to your My Maps. This time we will create points, lines and polygons directly on the map.

Search for the Tribal Government headquarters for the Tribe you are mapping. Add the point to the map.

Add points, lines and polygons to highlight points of interest. Add titles and text to the marker pop ups. Add photos

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