New products coming soon...

Estimated Launch year is 2021.

Given all the changes in our world due to COVID-19. As we are unsure what the future holds, we stay focused to launch during 2021.

Our team wants to create premium vegan products made from caribbean ingredients with a sustainable business operation.

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Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower florets specially coated in a Caribbean blend of flavours mixed into a “fried chicken” inspired batter. Ready to bake or fry to be enjoyed.

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Gardenburger Patty

A delicious veggie patty made of a mixture with pea protein, seasoned with Caribbean vegetables, herbs & spices cooked into a perfect plant based patty.

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Yum! Sandwiches

Our Yum! sandwiches line will be available made with our Cauliflower wings or Gardenburger Patties and other fresh ingredients.

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Cynfull Vision

To create plant based (vegan) food products with an authentic Caribbean taste that the world will love. Our compassionate team is always successful in responsibly creating quality products made in Trinidad and Tobago.

Facts about upcoming launch

  1. When, where and how can I get these products when released?

When - after our estimated launch date in November/December 2020. Given the COVID-19 pandemic is still a factor that we are monitoring. We are also unsure of how it will continue to affect business activity. However, we are committed to our estimated launch date.

Where? - Distributors of our products to be announced closer to launch date.

How? - Through local distributors in Trinidad and Tobago and online purchases through our site.

  1. Why these products?

From our experience with our previous business model of our plant based meal delivery and pop ups at food festivals our patties and cauliflower wings were our top sellers overall. We added a sandwich line to encourage people who are unsure about trying our products to experience them through a beloved food item - sandwiches!

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