The CycloAstro Project is a unique interdisciplinary collaboration that integrates science from paleoclimatology, geophysics and astronomy with five research projects and the early career Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Justice (IDEJ) CycloCohort Program to trace Solar System evolution, Earth-Moon dynamics, and Earth’s paleoclimate system with state-of-the-art analysis and modeling. The goal of the project is to show how it is possible to acquire fundamental new empirical knowledge of Solar System dynamics and Earth system sensitivity from the sedimentary record that will allow tests of astronomical models and overcome a ~50-million-year-before-present (Ma) limit of predictability imposed by chaos.

Working with scientists, as well as the science

Our Philosophy

We see equity as a process, and that working along this process is the basis on which the best science is done. We aim to center the experience of the scientists through an equity lens, such that their careers can be sustainable. We invite you to meet our team, read about our projects and use the resources we share with the greater scientific community.


  • WAVE #4 "special short postdoc call" is open July 11th - August 10th

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The CycloAstro Projects

Project 1 - Earth-Moon Parameters and Solar System Fundamental Frequencies, Precambrian to Present

Project 2 - Astronomical Forcing of the Paleoclimate System,

0-66 Ma

Project 3 - Astronomical Solutions and the Astronomical Time Scale Beyond the 50 Ma Predictability Limit

Project 4 - Solar System Dynamics from Continental Climate Rhythms, 200-240 Ma

Project 5 - Modeling Early Solar System Dynamics

Project 6 - The CycloCohort Program - An Early-Career Springboard for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Justice (IDEJ) Focused Leadership in Geoscience & Astronomy

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