Welcome to the home of the Veteran-Cycle Club Online Library.

In collaboration with The National Cycle Archive (Reg. No. 272792)

Within this library you will find scanned copies of cycle catalogues, cycling literature and research material.

Public access is restricted to N.C.A and selected V-CC material.

Over 8,700 documents available to download as a V-CC member.

Veteran-Cycle Club members receive these benefits:

- full access to this library;

- a bi-monthly magazine for current events;

- a journal dedicated to cycle history, published 3 times a year;

- plus an archive room, marque enthusiasts, club sales and social rides.

Contact: libraryvcc@gmail.com

Please note that we cannot answer general enquiries regarding cycles as we would prefer to be scanning new material.

However, we are interested in acquiring new material to add to the Library.

As a member of the Veteran-Cycle Club you will have the benefits noted above and the opportunity to discuss with fellow enthusiasts. Public access is restricted to N.C.A. and selected V-CC material to minimise our running expenses. We would like to welcome you as a member when you will have unrestricted access.