Code of Conduct

Thank you for being a part of Cyber Fire!


In addition to conforming to our Anti-Harassment Policy, we expect staff and vendors to help create a welcoming and safe environment for participants to try new ideas. Failure is a desired outcome of the event: our job is to make participants feel encouraged to take risks, and help them learn from their mistakes. We don't shame, we encourage.

At all times during the event, we expect staff and vendors to behave professionally. You should be well-rested, sober, and clean from the moment you leave your hotel room to the moment you return. This includes the evening events!


We encourage you to craft puzzles that acknowledge and encourage "creative mayhem". Participants are at a hacking contest, so you need to be able to handle people not playing nice. At past events, we have seen brute force attacks, penetration testing of services, social engineering, and changing administrative passwords. Your puzzles should be robust enough to handle these sorts of attacks. Excellent puzzles incorporate these attacks into their architecture.

On the other hand, your puzzle may not cause harm to a participant's computer. If you include a virus, for instance, it needs to be old enough that it will not infect a modern machine. Trojan Horses, Rootkits, and other active or passive malware are not allowed in our event.

Staff Attendance

Staff needs to be at the venue for the Sunday evening meeting (check the staff calendar). You should have all your slides and puzzles checked in before you board the plane: we won't accept last-minute puzzles anymore. Any resources you need have to be running and tested as well.

You must be present for all morning staff meetings, and in the contest area during normal contest hours (unless you are running an errand for Cyber Fire).