Salsa PBS

Sometimes, as Spanish teachers, we forget how little our students know. It's great that we push them but it's also good to let them take a breather now and then. These are edited versions of a Georgia PBS show called Salsa. Since the episodes are meant for young children they are very repetitive. I thought my 8th graders would feel "too cool" to watch these but all I hear as they listen is giggling and amazement that they can understand. Also 100% of them are engaged and watching! You can view the entire episodes by clicking here.

These make great Edpuzzle videos as well! (P.S. My students did not like #126 The Goats Vacation because it repeated itself too much.)

Manners #109

(las manos, por favor)

A ... Stormy Night #124

(el pastel, tengo hambre)

The Monster is Angry #202

(enojad@, tengo miedo)

Special Delivery #114

(el queso, el tomate )

The Goats Vacation #126

(diez, el libro)

Edpuzzle Link Coming Soon

Red Riding Hood #107

(me gusta, la abuela)

Edpuzzle Link Coming Soon

Goldilocks ... Bears #101

(grande, pequeñ@)

Edpuzzle Link Coming Soon

The Birthday Party #105

(Amarillo, Gracias)