FVR Library

NEW! I have just downloaded all the letters my sponsored children from Guatemala have written to me the past 2 years (the others were snail mail!) Feel free to download them and use them. Heads up that this is from Compassion International which is a Christian based company so the kids' letters mention God a lot.

I LOVE having my students read in FVR (Free Voluntary Reading) time. Thanks to Bryce Hedstrom and all his help with making this accessible. Below is a Google Slide that I keep updated with the books I have. And, I just picked up 3 new ones; I can't wait to show my students!

Book Library List.pptx

My list of FVR books! I update this whenever I come across a new one. It includes a brief description of the book and where I purchased it from (if I have it.)

If you don't have a budget for books some free to almost free options are below


Adobe Spark

I started playing around with making little readings I could show on my whiteboard using Adobe Spark. So far I just have the one.