Descubre Level 1

Chapters 3-5

I use a LOT of youtube songs and videos in this curriculum which means I usually have 4.3 billion tabs open. This page is so I have all my videos in one place. If you use Descubre level 1 and have a great song you use let me know!

unit 3

ER Verbs

Possessive Adjectives

Los colores

Senor Jordan


Tener Expressions

Soy yo

Yo quiero ser

Sr. Wooly Pan

Sie7e Tengo tu love

unit 4

Verb IR

Adonde vas

IR PowerPoint Video

Culture - Guatemala

Song: Yo Go Verbs

Yo Go Tutorial

Song: Stem Changers

Stem Changers Tutorial


Song: Present Progressive

Tutorial: Present Progressive

Alphabet Practice


Movie Talk (estar)

Cuando te veo

senorwooly No Lo Tengo

Song: Direct Object Pronouns