Descubre Level 1

Chapters 1-2

I use a LOT of youtube songs and videos in this curriculum which means I usually have 4.3 billion tabs open. This page is so I have all my videos in one place. If you use Descubre level 1 and have a great song you use let me know!

Unit 1

Buenos dias

Numbers 1- 30

Telling Time song


Focus on articles

Cyber Profe - Pronouns





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Billy y las botas


unit 2

Question Words

Days of the Week

Gustar song

Manu Chao

AR Verbs

Location Words

Verb Estar

Estar song

Count to 1000

Cuando me enamoro

Fun Directions (right/left)

Saquen la tarea

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senorwooly Amnesia

Que Asco

Billy y las botas 2