New Year's

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Las doce Uvas - Spain

Cada país tiene sus tradiciones a la hora de despedir el año y dar la bienvenida al entrante. En España tenemos la tradición de comernos las 12 uvas al ritmo que marcan las campanadas del reloj, y de vestir una prenda de color rojo para que nos dé buena suerte.

Each country has its traditions when it comes to dismissing the old year and welcoming the new. In Spain we have the tradition of eating the 12 grapes as the clock strikes the hour and wearing a red garment to give us good luck.

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Let's eat grapes together!

Pack your bags - Colombia

Recibir el año con las maletas en la mano: Colombia

Colombia es uno de los países de América Latina que tiene la tradición de preparar la maleta el último día del año y cuando llega la medianoche cogerla y dar una vuelta a la manzana. Para los colombianos hacer este gesto e para tener buenos viajes en el año entrante.

Receive the year with luggage in hand: Colombia

Colombia is a Latin American country that has everyone packing their bags the last day of the year. When midnight arrives, they grab their bag and take a jog around the block. For the Colombians (Shakira is from Colombia!) this tradition will ensure they have good travels in the new year.

Are you ready to ensure good travels this year?

The Año Nuevo Doll - Peru

Watch the video then get a muñeca from your teacher. Color it in so it resembles you. Write all the negative words on it that you would like to leave behind with the old year.

A video on how to make an interesting potato dish Peruvian style.

Rich or Poor? - Peru/Colombia

A common New Year’s tradition is to put three potatoes under a chair in a house. One potato is peeled, one is partially peeled, and one has all its skin. At midnight, with eyes closed, one potato is retrieved. The one selected predicts what the year will bring. The potato with all the skin indicates prosperity and money, the one partially peeled indicates the year will be normal, but the completely skinned potato signifies a year with no money. (click here for the website)

Unrequited Love - Bolivia

In order to make your unrequited love notice you, you must stand up and sit down 12 times. Next, tie a red ribbon around a picture of the person you love and sleep with the picture under your pillow. This is supposed to make them notice, and fall in love, with you.

Stop video at 1:30. Still interesting but starts talking about Butterfly Effect. Could be a good conversation topic for upper level!