Myths and Legends

I'm a huge fan of creepy tales so I love the legend of La Llorona. I don't have any activities to go with this; yet, but here are a few school friendly videos. If you have suggestions please email them to me!

La Llorona

Ghost Guide (eng)


Cuenta la leyenda (span)

This movie can be purchased on Amazon. (span)


Legends in general

la chupacabra

El silbón

La leyenda del espant...

I have not watched this yet

Spanish audio

Spanish audio with English subtitles

El coco

Spanish audio


El Espantapájaros

Los cadejos

There are a pair of spirit dogs called “Los Cadejos”, one white and one black, that roam at night. They are large and shaggy with glowing red eyes. The “Cadejo Blanco” protects the good people as they walk at night. He especially protects people who may have out late.

The “Cadejo Negro” is an evil spirit that seeks to kill both good and bad people. However, since the good people are protected by the “Cadejo Blanco”, he only succeeds in killing the bad ones. In some countries the dogs appear to be attached by a chain (cadena) which is where the name “Los Cadejos” comes from.