30th Anniversary meeting!

The September meeting of the Civil War Roundtable of New Hampshire doubled as our 30th Anniversary celebration.

Current Board members (l to r): Bill Hallett, Fred Soucy, Mike Schroeder, Liz Hallett, Robert Hodgman, and Kristy Hodgman (board member not present: Evelyn Barry)

30th Anniversary cake 1991-2021

Pat Falci, aka Gen. A. P. Hill, cuts the cake

Pat Falci gives a talk on Generals and Their Horses

The September 10, 2021 meeting of the CWRT of NH kicked off our new season and also allowed us to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. A modest turnout for the event but well worth it for those who came!

Patrick Falci came up from New York with his talk: "Saddle Up with General Hill: Famous Generals and Their Warhorses."

The evening featured one or two familiar faces and a message from co-founed Duane Shaffer and former preseident Barry Burnham. We also saw the return of our book raffle.

At the end of the evening, we had the raffles for the two wooden flags. The Civil War era flag went to Rose Reynolds and the sports flag went to Tom Dwyer.

Drawing the winners of the wooden flags: Civil War flag, Rose Reynolds and the Patriots Flag, Tom Dwyer.

The winner of the Patriots Flag, Tom Dwyer, stands with Robert Hodgman.

Robert Hodgman poses with Pat Falci