Sandoval County -- New Mexico

Aquifer Water Protection & Oil and Gas Ordinance

Citizens Working Group (CWG)



Information about Sandoval County's Ordinance Proposals


Preservation and protection of drinking water aquifers, groundwater, and surface water and development of a county oil and gas ordinance

Below are all the presentation materials which the Sandoval County Commission plans to hear at its October 18, 2018 meeting at 6 PM (Administrative Building Commission Chambers floor 3, 1500 Idalia Road, Building D, Bernalillo -- Phone 505-867-7500).

This includes a presentation by NM Tech with an update of its oil/water study and 3 oil & gas draft proposal ordinances; 1) CWG Science Team, 2) CWG Ordinance Team, 3) county Planning & Zoning Department Baseline Ordinance.

These materials are here since the county does not provide an easy way to view these materials on its web site and the CWG Ordinance Team ordinance is not even present on the county web site.

Headers and footers have been added to these materials to clarify each ordinance and show which ordinances were posted on the county commission meeting web site. The names at the end of each ordinance file name are the names of the files when saved from the meeting agenda topics.