We are currently updating our project financials and paperwork. We appreciate your understanding as some information may be limited

Newberg High School students will coordinate a full-day fire safety, forestry, and recreation field day for local elementary schools on October 19 in the Newberg High School Forest. This outdoor education event will bring together outdoor professionals from various government and non-profit agencies to help teach the children about the great outdoors. The educational materials used will also be made available to agencies for further education.

Our students plan to invest approximately $150,000 into Newberg High School's 8.0-acre mixed-conifer and hardwood forest. This includes the removal of invasive species and planting of natives in a 0.75-acre wetland, restoration of stream and trail corridors, installation of interpretive signage, construction of an outdoor classroom structure, and implementation of student-designed species-specific wildlife habitat improvements.

Working with various agencies who monitor stream conditions, our students will implement an independent water quality monitoring network and kayak-based digital stream survey system. High school students will then interpret and analyze this data, which will also be available to the public, to be used by land managers to implement sound conservation practices.

Middle and high school students will design, built, and install bird, bat, and butterfly boxes in sensitive wildlife areas in Newberg-Dundee parks. They will also restore several thousand feet of streams by removing barriers and introducing pebbles and woody debris. To finish it off, students will design interpretive signage to be placed along vital multi-use trails.


Community-Led Action

We are strong supporters of community-led action. While we recognize the City of Newberg's attempt to meet local, state and national environmental quality regulations through their Public Works department, we believe community engagement in watershed research, management, restoration, and education can lessen the impacts of our growing population. We appreciate the City's fiscally-limited efforts and look forward to partnering with their administration to develop a cooperative environmental stewardship campaign that will make Newberg one of the greenest and healthiest cities in Oregon!

Outdoor Education

We believe the key to developing active citizens and environmental stewards of our Earth lies in structured outdoor learning. Unlike traditional learning environments, the great outdoors provides youth with an opportunity to connect with their community, the plants and wildlife around them, and the Earth beneath their feet. Exposure to natural sciences and green spaces instills compassion, imitative, and appreciation of out outdoors in students. Additionally, it is statistically-proven that students who are regularly engaged in the outdoors are more successful in the classroom and become better leaders in their community. This is why the Oregon developed its Outdoor School program for fifth graders.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Seniors Quentin Comus and Riley Wood designed, constructed, programmed and calibrated an augmented reality sandbox for geography education purposes. This is the second AR sandbox constructed by a public school district in the State of Oregon. It took approximately 30 hours to build and is available for public events, conferences, and school lessons at no charge. Contact us at to reserve the AR Sandbox for your event!