Chehalem Valley Watershed Project (CVWP) is a group of students from Newberg High School (NHS) who are learning about the environment through hands-on research, restoration work, and outreach events. With assistance from outdoor professionals and community donors, we identify, design, and implement environmental conservation projects in the Newberg-Dundee area. Thanks to a unique partnership with Newberg Public Schools and the Newberg Education Foundation, we can receive tax-deductible grants and in-kind donations that benefit our project and operating expenses.

Newberg High School Senior, Quentin Comus, will use this restoration coalition for his 2018-2019 Senior Project and coordinate CVWP’s first four projects for his William T. Hornaday Award; Scouting’s most prestigious environmental award. He will receive assistance from fellow Seniors, Riley Wood and Kennedy Rainey, who will act as CVWP’s first Student Ambassadors, and NHS teacher, Peter Siderius, who will serve as CVWP’s Executive Director. Specifically, they will lead the NHS Forest Restoration, Stream Survey and Water Quality Monitoring, Wildlife Habitat Enhancements, and Fire Safety and Outdoors Field Day projects.


Our Mission

Chehalem Valley Watershed Project's mission is to provide students with the knowledge and resources to carry out real-world ecological research, watershed restoration, and public education of our natural resources.

Our Vision

We envision a future with healthy air, clean water, thriving plants, abundant wildlife, and happy humans. The effects of climate change and urbanization are real, and it is more important now than ever to address these real-world problems and their effects on humans and the environment. We hope to enable the next generation of citizens to make ethical decisions about their natural resources in order to protect natural processes, provide healthy recreation, and promote economic prosperity.

Our Core Values


We believe scientific research is the key to understanding our environment. Data collected in the field and analyzed in the classroom provides students with opportunities to draw conclusions about real conservation issues.


We believe restoration of unhealthy green spaces is essential to ensuring communities have shared natural resources forever. Ecological restoration projects enable students to advocate for and improve their environment.


We believe constant exposure to the outdoors and environmental education is important in producing active citizens of our Earth. Students and adults alike have the obligation to balance social, economic, and environmental benefits of natural resource management.

We believe transparency is important building and retaining community trust, so anyone can view our financials here:



Peter Siderius

Executive Director, Newberg High School Educator

Peter Siderius is a Biology, Ecology, Agriculture & Natural Resources, and Horticulture teacher at Newberg High School. Born in Montana, he has a rich background in the great outdoors and a love for educating others. Peter is actively involved with many local civic organizations and has been intimately involved in numerous projects in Newberg, including beautification along main thoroughfares, educational outreach projects and various landscaping projects with the City of Newberg, Chehalem Park and Recreation District and Newberg Public Schools. You can reach Peter Siderius by emailing peter@cvwp.org or calling (503) 554-5223

Quentin Comus

Student Ambassador, Newberg High School Senior

Quentin Comus is a Senior at Newberg High School and avid Boy Scout in Troop 520 Newberg. He is currently working to earn both the Eagle Scout rank and a William T. Hornaday Silver Medal before his eighteenth-birthday this May 2019. Quentin plans to attend OSU-Cascades to major in Natural Resource Education and earn a Masters in Teaching so he can one day return to Newberg High School to teach. He is also very active in his personal non-profit, Volcano Scouting, and various school clubs. You can reach Quentin Comus by emailing quentin@cvwp.org or calling (971) 264-4309

Riley Wood

Student Ambassador, Newberg High School Senior

Riley Wood is a Senior at Newberg High School and a passionate Jeep fan. He is also a member of Newberg High School's Wind Ensemble and robotics program. This year, Riley will be designing, constructing, and programming an AR Sandbox for Newberg Public Schools as his Senior Project. After high school, Riley plans to attend Oregon State University to major in Renewable Energy Systems, Geology or Forestry. In his free time, he enjoys working on his jeep, hiking, building things, or playing tennis for the high school. You can reach Riley Wood by emailing riley@cvwp.org or calling (971) 338-3044

Kennedy Rainey

Student Ambassador, Newberg High School Senior

Kennedy Rainey is a Senior at Newberg High School and an active hunter. She is also a member of Newberg High School's Future Farmers of America. This year, Kennedy will be leading several wildlife habitat enhancement projects. After high school, Kennedy plans to attend Oregon State University to major in Fish and Wildlife Management to become an Oregon State Police Wildlife Officer. In her free time, she enjoys hunting, working on her truck, hanging out with friends, or playing with her little brother. You can reach Kennedy Rainey by emailing kennedy@cvwp.org or calling (503) 509-2460