Chehalem Valley Watershed Project is a group of students from Newberg High School who are learning about the environment through hands-on research, restoration work, and outreach events. With assistance from outdoor professionals and community donors, we identify, design, and implement environmental conservation projects in the Newberg-Dundee area.

Newberg High School's Agriculture and Natural Resources program values environmental conservation service and education. That's why a group of educators, students, and outdoor professionals created the Chehalem Valley Watershed Project to help fund and pool together resources for students to plan and carry out conservation projects in and around the Newberg-Dundee area.

Chehalem Valley Watershed Project provides students with hands-on education, planning resources, and funding that enable them to develop and carry-out restoration projects for local landowners. Using grants, in-kind donations, work experience, professional advice, and other resources, students work directly with community organizations to produce environmentally-sound conservation projects.

Interested in volunteering? Want to join our team? Looking to donate to a good cause? Consider getting involved with Chehalem Valley Watershed Project in some degree. We offer various opportunities to serve the environment and community at the same time. All donations are tax-deductible thanks to Newberg High School. Drop us a line to learn more about high school Agriculture and Natural Resources classes!