September 16, 2020

Navigating the rough seas of 2020 with Dave and Shelley burgess

The Questions

Q1: Marcus Buckingham wrote, “Clarity is the antidote to anxiety.” How are you opening up, maintaining, and USING clear and consistent channels of communication w/ staff, students, and parents during this challenging opening stretch?

Q2: Providing ongoing, timely, and relevant coaching & support for educators has never been more essential. How does this look in the circumstances we currently find ourselves? What’s working NOW? What support/coaching are you missing?

Q3: Student engagement is tougher than ever to maintain...but STILL essential. What are some of the new skill sets that teachers need to embrace to be effective at student engagement in a remote/distance learning setting? What’s working for you?

Q4: There has been much focus on what is WRONG and needs to be FIXED about how we teach during this pandemic. What is going really well for you? How do you (or CAN you) celebrate the wins and recognize the Herculean efforts of your students & staff?

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