CVPR 2023 Workshop on 3D Vision and Robotics

June 18th, 2023

3D perception is critical in robotic applications, such as manipulation and navigation. Understanding the visual world is critical for robots to operate in the real world. In recent years, we have witnessed tremendous progress in deep learning algorithms for processing and making sense of 3D data, such as segmentation and detection. These exciting developments in 3D vision have paved the ground for tackling fundamental challenges in robot perception. Furthermore, connecting 3D vision with robotics will stimulate new research opportunities in active vision, interactive perception, and vision-based decision-making. Nonetheless, a myriad of research challenges and open questions remains. To tackle these challenges, we seek to create a shared forum for interdisciplinary researchers in 3D vision and robotics to share fresh ideas and build new connections.

This workshop will provide a venue for people interested in 3D and robotics to come together to discuss the various challenges and problems in this area. This workshop will accept submissions and focus on related discussion topics such as the ones below:

Since our first workshop, which was successfully held at CVPR 2021, we have seen rapidly growing research interests and efforts on related topics in the community. Many new powerful technologies are therefore being invented, such as implicit neural representations for 3D data, neural radiance fields, transformers, large language, visual-lingual models, etc. Many researchers have already demonstrated the use of these latest technologies in solving robotic tasks involving 3D perception. In this second workshop, we invite speakers and paper submissions on these newly trendy topics and technologies, as well as look ahead, discussing the remaining challenges and the potential next steps.


08:00am-08:10am: Opening Remarks

08:10am-08:50am: Pete Florence, Google - NeRFing and Embodying Language Models

08:50am-09:30am: Cewu Lu, SJTU - General Robotic Grasping with Human-like Capability and High Learning Efficiency

09:30am-10:00am: Accepted Paper Spotlight Talks (The Morning Sections)

10:00am-10:30am: Coffee Break & Accepted Paper Posters (The Morning Sections)

10:30am-11:10am: Georgia Gkioxari, Caltech - Towards 3D Object Detection in the Wild

11:10am-11:50am: Saurabh Gupta, UIUC - Understanding and Articulating Articulated Objects

11:50pm-01:00pm: Lunch

01:00pm-01:40pm: Andrew Davison, ICL/Dyson - Real-Time 3D Scene Representation for Robotics

01:40pm-02:20pm: Angel Chang, Simon Fraser University - Towards Intelligent Home Robots

02:20pm-02:50pm: Accepted Paper Spotlight Talks (The Afternoon Sections)

02:50pm-03:20pm: Coffee Break & Accepted Paper Posters (The Afternoon Sections)

03:20pm-04:00pm: Xiaolong Wang, UC San Diego - Geometric Robot Learning for Generalizable Dexterous Manipulation

04:00pm-04:40pm: Jitendra Malik, UC Berkeley - Hands and Objects

04:40pm-05:40pm: Panel Discussion

05:40pm-06:00pm: Closing Remarks


Angel X. Chang

Simon Fraser University

Jitendra Malik

UC Berkeley

Call for Abstracts

We solicit 2-4 page extended abstracts (excluding references and supplementary materials) conforming to the official CVPR style guidelines. A paper template is available in LaTeX and Word. References will not count towards the page limit. The review process is double-blind. Submissions can include: late-breaking results, under-review material, archived, or previously accepted work (please make a note of this in the submission).

Submission page:

Important Dates

Please note the accepted contributions will be presented as spotlight talks in the workshop, and will be posted on the workshop website upon author approval. Accepted papers will not be included in the proceedings of CVPR 2023.


Zhenyu Jiang

UT Austin

Li Erran Li

AWS AI at Amazon

Yuke Zhu

UT Austin