Real-World Challenges and New Benchmarks for Deep Learning in Robotic Vision

A CVPR Workshop – Salt Lake City, June 2018


This workshop will bring together renowned experts from both the computer vision and robotics communities to discuss crucial challenges arising when deploying deep learning methods in real-world robotic applications, and identify the necessary research directions to meet these challenges.

As a major concrete outcome and activity, the workshop will discuss and propose a set of new large scale robotic vision benchmarks to address the critical challenges for robotic perception that are not yet covered by existing computer vision and robotics benchmarks, such as performance in open-set conditions, incremental learning with low-shot techniques, Bayesian optimisation, active learning, and active vision.

These new benchmarks will complement existing benchmark competitions and will be run as an annual challenge at CVPR and ICRA. They will help to close the gap between computer vision and robotics, and will foster crucial advancements in machine learning for robotic vision.

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Welcome and Introduction (The organisers)

Invited Talk

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Poster Spotlights

Coffee Break

Poster Session

Poster Presentations

Lunch Break

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Q&A Session and Discussion - New Benchmark Challenges

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Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks


  • Niko Sünderhauf (Chief Investigator, Australian Centre for Robotic Vision)
  • Anelia Angelova (Research Scientist, Google Brain)
  • Gustavo Carneiro (Associate Professor, University of Adelaide)
  • Kevin Murphy (Research Scientist, Google Research)
  • Anton van den Hengel (Professor, University of Adelaide)
  • Vijay Kumar (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Adelaide)
  • Jürgen Leitner (Postdoctoral Fellow, QUT)
  • Trung T. Pham (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Adelaide)
  • Feras Dayoub (Postdoctoral Fellow, QUT)
  • Ingmar Posner (Associate Professor, University of Oxford)
  • Michael Milford (Professor, QUT)
  • Ian Reid (Professor, University of Adelaide)
  • Peter Corke (Professor, QUT, and Director, Australian Centre for Robotic Vision)