Scalability in Autonomous Driving

Taking place virtually on your couch on Monday, 2020-06-15, 9:00-17:00 PST


2020-06-20: Added Waymo Open Dataset Challenge reports.

2020-06-18: Recordings are now up under Archived talks. This concludes our journey. Thank you all for attending!

2020-06-16: The workshop has ended. We will upload the recordings in the next days. Thank you for attending!

2020-06-09: Titles and authors of accepted papers can now be found under the Posters tab.

2020-06-02: Updated website with placeholder live stream, archived talks and posters pages.

2020-06-02: The Waymo Open Dataset Challenge has successfully concluded. Winners will be announced at the workshop. The Berkeley Interaction and Oxford Nightowl challenges have postponed deadlines. Please visit their respective pages for the new deadlines.

2020-05-11: The workshop, together with the main conference, will take place remotely. However, our program remains mostly the same. We haven't received all details from the main organizers yet. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

2020-05-11: All authors have been notified of the paper decisions.

2020-04-16: The paper submission deadline has passed. Review starts and is expected to conclude before 5/6.

2020-03-30: Paper deadline pushed back by another week. Now on 4/15.

2020-03-16: Paper submission is open [CMT link]. We pushed the deadline back by 1 week.

2020-03-16: Competitions page is up. We are hosting 3 competitions covering perception and motion prediction. Deadlines are at the end of May (Waymo: 5/31, Berkeley: 5/29, Oxford: 5/31).

2020-03-15: CVPR is still planned to take place in Seattle per CVPR organizers.


While advances in machine learning have enabled cars to drive themselves, rolling out a self-driving service to larger areas and at scale might require even more capable and robust systems that generalize to previously unseen environments and driving conditions. To this end, we host a workshop to specifically address the issues ahead in scalability of autonomous driving technology. In particular, we will discuss questions such as how to adapt a self-driving system to diverse geographies, weather and road conditions, and to different driving norms around the world.

Invited speakers

Confirmed speakers include:

Paul Newman, Oxbotica & University of Oxford

Alex Kendall, Wayve

Kris Kitani, CMU

Raquel Urtasun, Uber ATG & University of Toronto

Andrej Karpathy, Tesla


We are hosting 3 competitions at this workshop, covering important topics in general perception and motion prediction. See the Competitions page for details.


  • Henrik Kretzschmar, Waymo
  • Yuning Chai, Waymo
  • Yin Zhou, Waymo
  • Pei Sun, Waymo
  • Lukas Neumann, University of Oxford
  • Andrea Vedaldi, University of Oxford & Facebook
  • Andreas Geiger, University of Tübingen & MPI
  • Dragomir Anguelov, Waymo