Second Workshop on

Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design

We proudly provide DeepFashion2 challenge this year!

Nov. 2, 2019, Seoul, Korea.

See the 2018 version of the workshop


Creative domains render a big part of modern society, having a strong influence on the economy and cultural life. Much effort within creative domains, such as fashion, art and design, center around the creation, consumption and analytic of creative visual content. In recent years, there has been an explosion of research in applying machine learning and computer vision algorithms to various aspects of the creative domains including generating, analyzing and processing visual content. This ever-increasing interest is most evident in two important research trends:(1) Computer Vision for Fashion and (2) Visual Content Generation for Creative Applications.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and artists in computer vision, machine learning and creative domains to discuss open problems in the two above mentioned areas. This involves addressing interdisciplinary problems, with all of the challenges it entails. We hope to continue the success of the first workshop on starting and cultivating conversations between artists, professionals in creative industries and computer vision scientists, and create a new space for collaboration between these communities and begin to tackle these deep problems. To provide rich opportunities to share opinions and experience in such an emerging field, we will accept paper submission on established and novel ideas, as well as workshop challenges. Following the success from last year, we will continue hosting the art gallery competition and Fashion-Gen challenge.

In addition, we are proud to present DeepFashion2 challenge at our workshop!


Paper Submission

We solicit paper submissions on novel methods and application scenarios of CV for creative applications with a focus on fashion and visual content generation. We accept papers on a variety of topics, including generative models, retrieval, product recommendation, image segmentation, attribute discovery and trend forecast, etc. Accepted papers will be presented at the poster session and one paper will be awarded as the best paper. Please see more information on paper submission here.

Challenges and competitions

We are proud to offer a diverse portfolio of challenges and competitions to encourage applying and developing new computer vision techniques for creative applications. Specifically, we will host (1) DeepFashion2 challenge, (2) Fashion-Gen2 challenge and (3) a juried art gallery competition.

  • Announcement: Fashion-Gen2 challenge is postponed. Link to the Fashion-Gen dataset is available here.

Invited Speakers

Tamara Berg

Gerard Pons-Moll

Ziwei Liu

Shinseungback Kimyonghun

Roland Vollgraf



Hui Wu

IBM Research AI

Ping Luo

The University of Hong Kong

Julia Lasserre

Zalando Research Labs

David Vazquez

Element AI

Thomas Boquet Element AI

Yuying Ge

The University of Hong Kong

Wayne Zhang

SenseTime Group Ltd.

Leonidas Lefakis

Zalando Research Labs

Ruimao Zhang

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Wei Zhang

JD AI Research

Reza Shirvany

Zalando Research Labs

Steering Committee

Rogerio Feris

IBM Research AI

Kristen Grauman

UT Austin & FAIR

Luba Elliott

Curator, Researcher, Producer

Chris Pal


Tao Mei

JD AI Research