Certification Committee - Dave MacLauglin, Nancy Sermons, Alex Slabu, Mike Toms

Good & Welfare - David Schinbein, Katrina Harper & Janet MacDonald

Women's Committee (RWC) - Michelle Thompson

BRUSH – BC Regional Union Safety and Health - BRUSH Minutes

What are all these meetings/committee's? Here's more information about our Area Councils and Women's, Young Workers, and Human Rights Committees. Get involved in your union!

Stewards Stew•ard (stoo’ erd, styoo’ erd) n. keeper, guardian, advocate, activist v. to protect - bedrock of the union

Tools for Locals, Stewards & Activists

The newly updated Shop Steward Tool Kit is now available for download here. It provides a solid foundation to help Stewards with the invaluable work they perform every day on behalf of PSAC members. Download it today!

Certification - Outreach Committee - Certification Briefing Package

Women's Committee (RWC)

Micelle Thompson (2nd for left) Women's Rep Meeting - May 11, 2017 - PSAC Office

If you would like to be on the Regional Women's Committee - contact Michelle at Women's Committee

Good & Welfare Committee (aka Social Committee)

David Schinbein , Katrina Harper & Janet MacDonald

Please submit any information on Commish 1. Sickness/Deaths 2. Bravo Zulu recognition 3. notable events 4. Commish news

Committee's 2017

Hello all, below is a list of the committees that the bylaws say are required. I have put the names of the exec or members that are Chairing the committees. When setting up the committees each should have no less than 3 members including the Chair. Please review and let me know if any corrections are required From our bylaws ARTICLE VII - COMMITTEES

1. The Union shall establish the following Standing Committees:

a) Stewards Council - Nancy

b) Grievance Appeals Committee - Nancy

c) Health and Safety Committee

d) Communications Committee

e) Good and Welfare Committee

f) Women's Advocate - Nancy

g) Organizing Committee - Dave Schinbein

h) By-Laws Committee - Bob Cossman

We have discussed increasing our presence in the community and as such would like to create a Youth Outreach Committee. Kevin has expressed an interest in this committee. The establishment of this committee will require a bylaw change.

John mentioned at our meeting about a finance and audit committee. I think there is merit in this committee. Perhaps John you could give some detail on the duties of this committee. Again a change in the by.laws would be needed.

The first task for all committees is to recruit members and then write the committees mission statement and mandate these are then added to the bylaws which will provide direction for future committee members.

In Solidarity

David W. Schinbein 250-661-9472