2018 Benefits

The Executive and the employer have agreed to work together on developing a benefits package for the Commissionaires.

If you have an valid email address you will receive a link to a survey from the Corps asking you to respond to benefit questions. Please do so.

You may also complete a survey in hard copy which you can obtain from your site supervisor when the survey becomes available.

A printable survey will be available here, soon.

The survey is available to all Union and non-union employees.

If you do not receive an email or are unsure if your email address is on file at HQ, please email Nancy Sermons at 2vp20500@gmail.com to be added to the survey group.

Your Group Insurance Plan

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Need a form? Leave of Absence, Bereavement, Sick, Vacation, Injury?

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Age over 65? Electing to stop paying into CPP? Complete this form.

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