3 Top Haircuts For Boys

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your little one can be a tricky task. They want something cool... you want something easy to fix before school. Whether you have a little preppy prince on your hands or a rock n' roll tough guy, here are 3 of the top haircuts for children that are easy to maintain and also real crowd pleasers with the kiddos:


A mohawk is a lot of trouble if you don't want to keep up the shaved, cleaned up look of a true mohawk. If your son wants a mohawk, compromise with a faux-hawk. Shorter on the side, longer on top. You can spike it up for days you have an extra 2 minutes or sweep it back or to the side for an on-the-go ease.


A fade is a hairstyle that has been around for generations, yet it is a classic cut that looks both trendy and traditional. Leave it down for a vintage look or add a little gel to make the top stand up a bit for that stylish look that gets your little guy noticed.

The Shag

While not all kids can rock it, those that can will save you a ton in haircuts for your children. Long hair on little boys ends up looking adorable and once it gets long enough it can be swept to the side. Not only is it adorable, think "Gap ad" adorable. Plus, your little dude just might become a big hit with the little ladies... well, we mean, if you don't mind.

Deciding on a new haircut for your child can be tough but finding a compromise that makes them feel confident but still helps you get out the door on time is the key to finding the perfect look for your little bit.