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Hello my name is Nicole McConnell and I started an info tube company where a considerable amount of the proceeds go to Saint Judes Hospital for children's cancer research. I was personally diagnosed with stage 4 Thyroid Cancer which has inspired me to help children with cancer in any, and all ways possible. With you purchasing one of my info tubes, you are not only getting a solid info tube that will last a life time with a life time warranty, you will also be helping young cancer patients in Arizona so it's a win win win!

These info tubes are absolutely incredible they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your Real estate signs companies needs. There is nothing else like it on the market these info tubes have a lifetime warranty and will stand the test of time as they are as durable as it comes. Simply let me know what color you want your info tube and it will be so. The metallic color really seems to stand out however I have made them in black, red, gold, and white. Really, any color you want! If you would like to place an order on a high class info tube call or text Nicole at 480-710-3637. I will deliver in person or ship them to any and all Realtors! I do look forward to working with you.

When ordering an information tube, all I really need to know is what color you want your info tube, and how far apart you want the hole drilled, as each real estate signs holes are at different lengths. Most real estate sign holes are 14 inches apart in most cases. If your connection needs to be longer, or shorter, let me know, and it will be so!

Nicole McConnell 480-710-3637

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I specialize in the following Arizona communities.

Camelback Country Club Estates, Camelback Country Estates, Camelback Foothills, Camelback Lands, Camelhead Estates, Casa Blanca, Cheney Place Cinco Soles, Clearwater Hills, Colonia Miramonte, Cypress Creek, Desert Vista Estates, Doubletree Estates, El Dorado Estates, Finisterre, Jokake Camelback Properties, Judson, La Place Du Sommet, Las Brisas, Lincoln heights, Martingale Farms, Merril Cantatierra, Montana De Bonitas Casas, Mountain View Estates, Mummy Mountain Park, Palo Verde Foothills, Paradise Canyon Foothills, Paradise Hills, Paradise Mansion Estates, Paradise Valley Estates, Paradise Valley Vistas, Sanctuary, Stone Canyon, Sunburst Farms, Tatum Canyon, Tatum Canyon Estates, Val Vista, El Maro

I also service:

Roehler Estates, Stanford Court, El Chorro Acres, Casa Blanca Estates, Panorama Estates, Hidden Paradise, Windmill, Desert View, Squaw Peak Vista, Bret Hills, Biltmore View Estates. Carefree Ranch Homesteads, Tatum Canyon, Stanford Court, Braecrest, Martingale Farms, Diamond Point at Las Sendas, Equestrian Trails, Preserve at Lincoln, Brookwood Estates, Paradise Hills, Ancala North, Mockingbird Estates, Clearwater Hills, Goldie Brown Pinnacle Peak Ranch, Sunrise Desert Vistas, Cow Track Estates 2, Sundown Manor, Wilkinson Place, Prado Estates, Arcadia Manors, Collina E Vista, Pointe Highlands, Camelback Ranchos, Apache Estates, Invergordon Heights, Scottsdale Mountain, Judson, Mockingbird Square, The Peak, Cheney Heights, Collice Portnoff Estates, Kerr Estates, Jacoby Estates, Rancho Velencia, Crestview, Bartlett Estates, Villaresi, Paradise Valley Estates, Mummy Mountain Park, Mummy Mountain Estates, La Place Du Sommet, Morning Glory Meadows, Squaw Peak Vista, Jokake Camelback Properties, Mummy Mountain Norte