Measures You Need to Take to Secure Your Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking platforms available on the online. Lots of internet users access this service to communicate with their friends, families and colleagues. It helps users to easily send or receive messages, attachments and update status. It offers a good variety of services to its users. To access the services of the Facebook, the users require the username and the password. If you think that somebody owes your Facebook password, then we advise you to change your Facebook password instantly to secure your Facebook emails. Here, we are providing you with the information from that you'll be able to simply secure your FB account.

Configure strong password for your Facebook account

To secure your account, we recommend users to create a powerful password to enhance Facebook security from the hackers. Use combination of symbols, uppercase or lowercase letter, and numbers to set up a strong password. The user can even use phrases of words as their password as they're easy to remember. Don’t include your name, child's name or other personal detail in your password because it is simple to guess by the hackers. Also, avoid common words that are found in the dictionary. As they can be cracked simply using various applications and your get accounts get hacked.

Verify your mobile number with Facebook

Verifying your mobile number is one of the most effective strategies to increase the security of Facebook accounts. By configuring your mobile number, you can easily recover your hacked Facebook password. Facebook will send you security code via SMS on your mobile phone.

Follow the instruction to configure your mobile number:

· Once logged in to your Facebook account, go to the ‘Account Settings’ and then click on the Mobile.

· Press the ‘Add a Phone’.

· Choose your country, and select the mobile carrier before pressing ‘Next’.

· Now, you'll see the instruction appearing on the screen to send an SMS on the configured number. Simply follow the directions to receive a code via SMS, and then enter the code into the relevant field. You can also share your number with friends on Facebook.

· After choosing your preferences, click on the next button.

· After performing these steps, your mobile phone is registered with Facebook.

Turn on Secure browsing option

You can easily safeguard your FB account by switching the ‘Secure Browsing’ option. This will limit the usage of an external application that you're accessing through Facebook. To activate Secure Browsing option, just follow these steps:

· After signing in, visit the ‘Account Setting’ page.

· Click on the security from the left panel of the screen.

· Click on the Edit link located at the right of the Secure Browsing section.

· The new window will appear, checkmark the box ‘Browse Facebook on a secure connection’, and then press the ‘Save Changes’ button to save the changes you’ve done.

This above-mentioned data will certainly help you to increase Facebook privacy security. If you face any technical mishaps while accessing its services then you can simply take support from the specialists through Facebook customer service number available on online for immediate solutions.

For more help you can contact to Facebook helpline number.