How to recover blocked Yahoo mail account?

There are billions of Yahoo users who use it to send and receive emails. It can be used on various platforms like Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, etc. It provides a very beautiful and simple interface for the users that make it quite simple and easy to use. Just like other email services, Yahoo users too may sometimes encounter a problem with their account.

Blocking of Yahoo account is the most prominent problem faced by Yahoo users. There are several reasons for this problem. One of the most prominent reason for this is the inactivity in Yahoo account for 12 months. It is done to clean the abandoned and obsolete accounts from the server. The users who do not follow the guidelines by Yahoo too face this problem. In such cases, it becomes quite difficult for the users to recover the blocked Yahoo mail account. In order to do so, you need to perform some of the actions mentioned below to do so.

Steps to recover the blocked Yahoo mail account:

In spite of the difficulties in recovery of the blocked account, it is worth a try as there are chances that you will gain back access to the account and all the information is available on Yahoo servers. If you are an existing Yahoo mail user, you can quite easily choose the option to do so by going through the actions mentioned below:

Log in to your account after entering your Yahoo ID and password:

Logging into your account after entering your credentials prove out to be useful and yield successful results in most of the cases. In this case, just open the latest version of the Yahoo recommended web browser and enter your login credentials. There are chances that you will be taken to your Yahoo account. If you cannot remember your Yahoo ID and password, it is recommended that you reset your Yahoo mail password.

Unlock Yahoo mail account by resetting your password:

Unlocking Yahoo mail account by resetting the password is quite an amazing method which works out in most of the cases. There are two ways using which you can reset your Yahoo mail password. These are:

· Reset password using alternate email address

· Reset Yahoo password using recovery phone number

Use any of the methods mentioned below to successfully reset your Yahoo mail account. After performing this action, you will be able to login to your Yahoo mail account.

Sometimes while accessing Yahoo mail account, you may come across a problem with your account. In any such case, just give a call on Yahoo helpline number and get the problem fixed instantly by the experts. Even the most complex problems are fixed by remote access to your device.

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