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About Curve Fever Pro

What is Curve Fever Pro?

Curve Fever Pro is a multiplayer deathmatch game, where you battle-it-out against opponents, utilizing your own fleet of swift, customized combat vehicles, to progress through competitive arena matches, unlocking and upgrading new ships & abilities.

It is the fourth game in the Curve Fever version.

A popular abbreviation for Curve Fever Pro is CFP or CFPro.

You can play it on CurveFever.Pro

Curve Fever Pro Gameplay
Curve Fever Pro Gameplay

How does Curve Fever Pro work?

The goal of the game is to gain as many points as possible. There are two ways to gain points in the game:

  • The first one is to stay alive as long as you can. For every player, who fails before you, you get 10 points. So the maximum of points you can get through surviving is 60 points per round.
  • The second way is shooting or blowing up the opponents. It depends how many points you and your opponents have, on how many points you steal from them.

The player wins who has first a certain score. (usually 250 points [6 players])

An important part of Curve Fever Pro are the modules.

Generally you can distinguish between modules made for shooting (killing others) and modules made for staying alive.

Example for shooting modules: One Shot, Double Shot, Scatter Shot, L.A.S.R., etc.

Example for "staying alive" modules: Brake, Jump, Shield, etc.

The amazing part of Curve Fever Pro is, that it has got a ranking system, which many other games don't have. From the lowest ranking Bronze 9 to the best Diamond 1: Everything is possible! The Top 100 players of the game, get a special sign in front of their names. It is called the Grand Master sign. There you see the exact rating of the player in a white box. The "GM" sign looks like the sign below.

The developer-team behind Curve Fever Pro is called "Hidden Monster Games", it is located in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Their info-page about Curve Fever Pro is .

Grandmaster sign in Curve Fever Pro

The grand master sign in Curve Fever Pro

It shows that you are one of the best 100 players in CFPro.

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