Curve Fever 2

What is curve fever 2?

Curve Fever 2 is an online Multiplayer Game. It is the second version of Curve Fever.

In Curve Fever 2 the goal is to stay alive and collect as many points as possible.

There are 3 game-modes:

  • Team: You can play with your friends against other player in a team
  • 1-1: You can battle against only 1 opponent
  • FFA: aka. Deathmatch, every man for himself

It is also known as Achtung die Kurve 2 and CF2.


It was released in November 2011 by Geert and Robin Brouns, Robin was the artist for the game.

From 2011 till 2014 there have been more features added to Curve Fever 2, for example: team matches, many new Powerups, clans, different colours in the game, rankings and events like monthly tournaments.

Curve Fever 2 Gameplay

Curve Fever Gameplay

Curve Fever Clans

In Curve Fever 2 it is possible to create or join a Clan. In a Clan you can play matches against other Clans.

The official Clan website where you can join or create a clan: CurveFever clans

Tournaments & Premium

In Curve Fever 2 it is possible to buy Premium for a certain time. With Premium you have more possibilities ingame.

A side effect of Premium is you can join a monthly official Tournament.

The winner of an official Tournament gets a Champion title ingame.