Regenerative agriculture workshop

One week to learn how to build your regenerative project hosted by a working regenerative farm

August 26 - August 31, 2019

Sant Ferriol, Girona (Spain)

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in learning the fundamentals and tools of regenerative agriculture in order to set up productive farming projects.


At the end of the workshop attendees will have the knowledge and the tools necessary to analyze in a critical way the current food production scene and will be able to plan the main elements of their own project.


A combination of theory (talks and discussions) and field practice (with the various techniques applied daily at Planeses). Limited groups. A complete bibliography will be provided.

Workshop schedule

Everything we've learned on the 7 years we've been working on our project condensed in 6 days

Section 1: The context

Monday August 26 | morning session

The current agriculture model. Challenges for a sustainable food production: food security, climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, nutritional quality of food.

Section 2: The pillars for a change in current agricultural practices

Monday August 26 | afternoon session

The living soil. Features of a living soil: how it works and main elements. Tools for the evaluation of a living soil. Interpretation of soil interventions. How to work a living soil. Field practices and discussion on soil management assessment and interventions.

Tuesday August 27 | morning session

Relationships between plants and animals. Plants: ecophysiology of the regrowth; plants and perturbations. Animals: behavior, nutritional needs and welfare. How to integrate plant and animal needs.

Section 3: The tools

Tuesday August 27 | afternoon session

Grass management. Voisin Rational Grazing. Holistic Management.

Wednesday August 28 | morning session

Microorganisms. Forest soil microorganisms, biofertilizers, bocashi. Practice: How to make microorganism-based amendments.

Wednesday August 28 | afternoon session

Herb preparations. Water fermentations (purins). Sugar fermentations (Natural farming style). Practice: How to make herb-based amendments.

Thursday August 29 | morning session

The use of forest products in agriculture. BRF, Biochar, wood beds. Field visit.

Section 4: Applications in production

Thursday August 29 | afternoon session

Double-purpose (meat and milk) cows on pasture. How does it work. Technical requisites. Challenges for a sustainable production.

Friday August 30 | morning session

Chickens, layers and rabbits on pasture. How does it work. Technical requisites. Yield. Challenges for a sustainable production.

Friday August 30 | afternoon session

No-dig vegetable production. How does it work. Technical requisites. Yield. Challenges for a sustainable production.

Section 5: Processing and sales

Saturday August 31 | morning session

On-farm slaughter house and processing facilites, marketing options. Advantages of on-farm processing. Nutritional value diferences of pastured products. Marketing experiences.

20% discount before August 11th

Meals and accomodation included

workshop hours

Language: English

Full payment

890 €*

50% reservation

445 €*

¡¡20% discount if you sign up before August 11th!!

* Meals and on-farm accomodation included


Sant Ferriol, Girona

Tent accomodations

About Planeses Agricultura Regenerativa

A transition farming experimental project

At Planeses we've been working for 7 years to find a new way of doing farming which may offer a real alternative to the current situation.

Food security, climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, low nutritional quality of foods, these are only some of the challenges we are facing as a society. The current farming system is one of the main causes of this situation. Organic agriculture (with the standards defined by official certifications) does not address many of those challenges.

But, is another agriculture possible? And, can it be profitable?

We believe that the answer is yes, by using pasture and forest as resources to feed animals in a way that fits their nature and to grow vegetables while taking care of the soil.

But we are not going to misguide you, starting a farming project is not easy. And no matter how many workshops you attend, you will find hurdles on the way.

But our experience can help you to be better prepared to whatever you find, and to have resources and contacts that can support you. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Marc Gràcia

Polyfarming Life project principal researcher

Edurne Bordas

Manager at Planeses Regenerative Agriculture

Mónica Fernández

Coordinator at DeYerba

Full payment

890 €*

50% reservation

445 €*

¡¡20% discount if you sign up before August 11th!!

* Meals and on-farm accomodation included


  • Do I need to have any knowledge or experience?

No, the workshop is aimed both for people that are starting just now with regenerative agriculture practices and for those who already have experience.

  • Do I need to bring something?

Bring comfortable shoes and clothes and a notebook. You also need to bring a towel, and a swimsuit if you want.

  • What is the workshop schedule?

Morning sessions are from 8:00h to 14:00h and afternoon sessions from 16:00h to 18:00h.

  • I am coming from far away and would need accomodation for August 25. Is it possible to spend the night in Planeses?

Sure, accomodations are available and included from Sunday night through Friday night. Sunday check-in is from 20:00h to 21:00h. If you need to come later let us know.

  • Is Sunday dinner included? And what about Saturday lunch?

Sunday dinner is not included. On Saturday, breakfast is included, lunch is not.

  • What's included in the workshop fee?

Includes 6 days of workshop with approximately 40 teaching hours. Accomodations and all meals from Monday morning through Saturday morning. Lunch will be cooked by Planeses staff. Breakfast and dinner are prepared by the attendees, with the ingredients provided by Planeses.

  • Do you offer options for special diets?

Si necesitas una dieta especial háznoslo saber con antelación para confirmar la posibilidad de hacerla. If you need a special diet please let us know beforehand and we'll confirm if we can provide it.

  • How do I sign up?

In order to sign up for the workshop you need to click on the "CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP" button, and you'll access the shopping page, or simply click on this link (if you would rather pay 50% now and 50% at arrival, click here). You can pay with credit card, Pay Pal or bank transfer to the bank account ES39 2100 1153 1902 0013 5132.

  • Do I need to pay the full fee in advance?

You can pay the full fee in advance or pay 50% now to make a reservation and 50% at arrival, in cash.

  • What happens if I sign up and then can't make it? May I cancel?

If you need to cancel you can do it before August 11th and we'll reimburse the full fee. From that day on, we won't be able to reimburse any quantity.

  • How do I get to Planeses?

You may come by car (there's free parking at Planeses). Location. You can come by train (AVE) to Girona or Figueres-Vilafant and then take the bus (TEISA) to Argelaguer. From Argelaguer to Planeses there's 2 km, you can come walking or, if you let us know in advance, we'll pick you up.