Name: Sarah Prescimone

Nationality: Italian

City: Tilburg

Date of Birth: 13-­11-­1990

Phone: +31636328826

Email: ​


Adress: Gebroeders van Eijckstraat 29, 5025 NJ


2013 ­ 2017 Fontys hogeschool voor de kunsten Tilburg

2013-­2014 Urban Contemporary

2014-­2015 Modern dance & Dance Theater

2017 HBO Diploma Bachelor of Choreography

2009 ­ 2013 Albeda dans college Rotterdam

MBO­ Diploma (Allround dancer)

2006 ­ 2009 HAVO­ Diploma, Theresia lyceum Tilburg

Professional experience

2021 Jelena Kostic- Blind Spot

Jelena Kostic- When only patience works

2020 Performer for Teatro anatomico - collaboration Eleni Ploumi

2019 Performer Charlotte Goesarts Productions

Participant Bossche Parade

Programmeur for Prejavu Makershuis: Jamais- vu

2018 Kunst en Koningsduin Poelgeest 1- 2

Solo for scenography of Geert van der Velden

Dance installation Katja Grassli for the exposition of Ellen Rijk

Dance Trio with Eleni Ploumi and Jol Alholo

2017 Self Employee : Choreographer of Makershuis and Makersfonds

Thruth and Denial

Dancer for art movie of Maksims Kacanovs

2016 Love was not enough

Choreographer for videoclip of drummer: Matthijs Rolleman

MIA (screendance movie)

Visual artist: Marleen van Drunen

Overhaul- The Dance

Dancer Video clip


Dancer for videoclip


Stichting Matta

Interdisciplinary movie

2015 Eddy Becquart - The gloomy state.. never full

Guillherme Miotto/ Menno van Gorp - Old men kick in

Evangellos Biskas - Somewhere in between

Dans ­ Opera Eigenheimers

Production: Allure noch schijngestalte

Music : Michiel Ceulemans, Choreography : Okke Braaksma.

Rhythm Chaos

​Choreography by Mimmy Ebobo.

2014 Dorottya Kiss - Carmina Burana.

Hilde Elbers - Time and Tides wait for no men

2013 I Remember Choreography : Okke Braaksma

2012 42514 Production; No roots studios with Ellis Dobber

Who’s in who’s out D​ancing for a television show

Single release Dewi Choreographer : Roy Jonathans.

To the Beat Choreographer: Itamar Serussi

Workshops/ Festivals/ Battles/Competitions


Wielewaal Kunst Festival - Temper performance

Fopsa- Lumen

Solo - Museum Schijndel - voor Peter Adams

Seasoning United-c Eindhoven - Lumen

Auditie - Maria Sarteztaki

Performance Bar- Rotterdam- Solo's

Oculus -Danslessen

Wilderburg Dans solo- beeldjutters

Heidelber summer camp BJJ

Parnu BJJ camp

Spring camp -Estonia BJJ


Guest Dance Teacher - Fontys

Fontys- Gast choreograaf - 1ste jaars studenten - Shivers

Limburg Festival - Blind Spot

Katara- Performer

Teatro Anatomico- performer Eleni Ploumi

Heidelberg- Brazilian jiu jiutsu camp

Open your mind 2021-Invitational

Dwarsdriwes- online event with Switch

Isk dance workshops

Jelena kostic- Auditions

2020 Zen camp- Brazilian jiu jitsu- Poland Dwarsdriewer residency - This is a Trap! Iceland - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp Radio Freedom- Beeldjutters Programming Dap Performance- wear and Tear Rotterdam Prejavu- Jamais vu Tilburg- Makershuis Tilburg Kids maken de Blits- Tilburg Open Your mind Battles and Stage day participation- Eindhoven
2019 Shadow hunters - Dark shade con- Stage sword fighting - Brussels Radical Redemption- Stage fighting- Breda De lievelingen- Gorinchem- Beeldjutters ( performance) Nacht van ontdekking- Blooming of Darkness Performance- Leiden Sesalac Butoh Retraite-Servie Born2Play Festival- Anghiari Bossche Parade -- Performance Triumph Prejavu XL- Performance Mushin Dwarsdriwers Festival - Kiel -Performer Niubuto - Butoh Workshop from Sayoko Onishi- Participant Workshop Methods 3.0- teacher - Sicily Amsterdam Butoh Festival- Penumbra- Participant United-C Seasoning spring- In(sane)- Eindhoven Modern dance classes- Cardo dance center- Veldhoven Open Your Mind- Stage day TOP 8 with In(sane) Open Your Mind- Bop battle top 16 Open Your MInd- Battle day- Participant
2018 Prejavu -Nieuwe Vorst - Honey, don’t spill. Residency in Kluis- Kluizenaar 3 - Bubble. Dance Fish Dance /The meeting - Opening dance season Theaters Tilburg Fields of wonder -Poelgeest 2 oestgeest Kunst en Koningsduin_ Fields of Wonder/ Poelgesst 2- Bergen Tude( Tilburg Urban dance event)- opening dance Month Summer Intensive Portugal Butoh and Voice Intensive with Kea Tonetti and Tivitavi- Stromboli Mandala Festival- Performances Beeldjutters Prejavu XL- Sugar Free, Tilburg Tab and Sugar Free- Kunstleer, Tilburg Dance Installations for En Route, Ellen Rijk Exposition, Tilburg Residency in de Kluis at NWE Vorst Kluizenaar with L’eremita di Stelle, Tilburg Showcase- Qmusic, Banholt, Reeshof, Werthoven Butoh workshop- Tilburg ( Facilitator) Du kannst nichts , Experimental Battle (Offtrack+ Preselections)- Bochum Cafe Belcampo- Amsterdam ( performance Out of Tune) Method workshop- sicily ( facilitator) Performance at Holzmarkt- Berlin Lake Studios’s Berlin -Performing Out of Tune Butoh Festival Amsterdam - Performer, the season is over ICW- International Choreografic week- Inbetween dance Cultures, Tilburg Open your Mind- Participant in Battle top 16 and stage day top 8, Eindhoven Juste Debout Participant- Experimental, Amsterdam 2017 Yumiko Yoshioka, Body resonanse, Butoh workshop, Berlin- Germany Free Butoh school 1 week, Honza Swasek, Adam Koan, Idan- Israel Tude-Urban Conference- performance Ospiti, Tilburg- The Netherlands Natsu Nakajima, 3 days Butoh Workshop, Den Haag Trance Dance Inaesthetics Workshop, with Tony Yap & Brendan O’Connor,Tilburg Subbody - Butoh intensive week Rhizome Lee, Rotterdam IT’s festival, with OSPITI, Amsterdam Free Free Battle- Participant,(finalist) Tilburg Be a superHero Jam, Bash J (participant at All Styles Battle) Eindhoven NCC, Netherlands Choreography Competition, Haarlem Mieke Verhoeven, Butoh Intensive, Maastricht Experimental dance classes- Moves Rotterdam ICW- International Choreographic week, (Topic: Generations) Tilburg Juste Debout - Participant/ Experimental Battle, Paradiso Amsterdam 2016 Free Free Battle-(Judge) Tilburg Free Free Battle-Participant ( finals)Tilburg Open Your Mind- Choreography Contest, Eindhoven Butoh Workshop- Ezio Tangini, Amsterdam 2015 Deltebre Danza Festival, Deltebre, Barcelona Open your Mind, Battle. Maastricht Bam Festival - Hengelo 2014 ​ Butoh Intensieve Mieke Verhoeven, Maastricht Butoh Workshop - Kristien Sonnevijelle Onder de boom festival, performed a duet with Okke Braaksma .Arnhem Festival Cement, Performance with Hilde Elbers.
2012 So you think you can dance, till bootcamp. Arhem Dewi, as background dancer, Amsterdam Hip hop summer (workshops), Messina2007 ​ Workshop MR. Wiggles, Tilburg

Own Creations



A solo based on the four human temperaments and how they interact and function together.



Solo, Based on The expression and energy of asemic writing and the movements in dance.


Choreography with 1st year Fontys dance students

‘a tremulous, quivering motion’- ‘shake’ - Jaw, notion of ‘chattering teeth’.

From an evolutionary point of view. We will visit the self protective mechanism of (FFF)Fight, Flight, Freeze Response. When human beings are in danger, our bodies enter the so-called: Survival mode.


Online performance with Xavier Geerman for Dwarsdriever Festival

Choke and Roll - Proximity Pressure ' In Immediate proximity with another body, various forces are applied to reach physical and emotional closeness. A distributed nearness, which extends throughout the periphery of complex, yet simple bodies. Acknowledging the intimate survival techniques, while escaping the persuasive strategies.'
Exchanging toles, passing guard, releasing the grips that bound us. Reaching for body and mental connection and control. Sparring together in rounds of dominant behavior and pressuring positions. An entanglement of limbs and energies transforming together, abstracting everyday experiences.. a push, a pull, a triangle, a Choke & Roll... Performers: Sarah Prescimone, Hans van de Moosdijk
All That begins...A solo collage - an ensemble of the beginnings of solo worksPerformers: Sarah Prescimone

ExolvunturDuisternis en licht transformeren zachtjes samen door muzikale seizoenen en dansante lichamen. Het ene kan niet bestaan zonder het andere- een transformerende cyclus. Een zintuiglijke ontmoeting tussen leven en dood, man en vrouw, hemel en aarde, licht en duisternis- extremen die vanuit een gelijke essentie bloeien. Een overstijgende contrasterende ervaring. A trio shaped for Kunst van Geloven Festival.Performers: Rohiet Tjon Poen Gie, Xavier Geerman, Sarah Prescimone

This is a Trap !A duet that is shaped by the delicate balance of dominance and submission, the dark nuances of relationships - Created in Kiel ResidencyPerformers: Jason Suen, Sarah Prescimone

Wear and Tear A crossdisciplinary performance shaped for DAP festival in TarwewijkePerformers: Sarah Prescimone, Xavier Geerman
The birth of Darkness ‘ Men wordt niet verlicht door zich allerlei beelden van licht voor te stellen, maar door zich bewust te worden van de eigen innerlijke duisternis’ (Carl Jung) Contained by a hatA performance challenge for David Lynch's Yesterday's ElephantPerformer: Sarah Prescimone
My time, is gone todayA solo based on the manifestation of the shadow self that develops itself. Allowing the memory roll to over exposes and distort itself.A continuation of the concept of the body in CrisisChoreography and Performance: Sarah Prescimone

2019 Camera Oscura In the Camera oscura, when the light penetrates through an aperture, an upside down image appears. The infinite light which is captured in a dark chamber tries to project itself from a distance within a focus point. A sensor measures through a zooming in and out lens the sensitivity between darkness and Light.Choreography: Sarah PrescimonePerformer: Eleni PloumiComposer: Xavier Geerman
On RepeatAn Excerpt of Scratch, A solo shaped in order to rediscover the connection that the human body has with diverse frequency- both in sound and memory- Expanding the concept of the body as an object, an instrument or a channel- A passage Performer and Choreography: Sarah Prescimone
I found a screw in my breakfast A Spontaneous duet based on the ritualistic practice of cleansing from evil spirits. Noticing the symbolism of everyday life occurrences which connects our path with each other. Performer: Sarah Prescimone and Gora Pindi

Scratch In Scratch we navigate inside delicate memories, repressed sensations and absurd images. Throughout a compilation of resonating frequencies, we dialogue within and without ourselves. Bodies scratching the sounds resting on the skin. Scars which decompose themselves allowing a transformative remix to occur. Performers: Dara Farrelly and Johan Timmermans Choreography: Sarah Prescimone
Mushin A Butoh-based solo inspired by the performance; '10.000 Folds, Men!' In collaboration with Kendo en Kyudo club Washinkan.In 'Mushin', the state of mind is flexible and flowing in order to transform.A place where the mind is not fixed, rather connected with a resonating sensibility of our surroundings and the expansion of presencePerformer/choreographer: Sarah Prescimone Penumbra Butoh Festival Amsterdam 2019 Dancer/choreographer: Sarah Prescimone
10.000 Folds, Men ! A transformation occurs due to the understanding and acceptance of a repressed sensation in one’s body. Feeling pressure by a shade of oneself or an other. The resistance of the inner opponent, an inner fight transmuted to the far corners of the body. Influenced by the philosophy of Kendo and Butoh a performance is created were the sensibility of a multitude of subtle and forcefull stimuli is manifested and the sense of presence is expanded, allowing resonance.‘ The spirit induced in my body pressures me to attack. Folding me 10.000 times through an inner journey.. Unfolded movements detach...stay in line! My human character contains a flux of presence that balances me. Unfolds me.. But my opponent has a!’Dancer: Tommy PhamKendo group WashinkanChoreografer: Sarah Prescimone
In(Sane)We navigate through extremities. Bound by the quest of decomposing ourselves. Lead by the absence of the real, we move in order to find what we lost. Shaking off the gap between our solidification of meaning and absolute bullshit. Warning: Reflections might be distorted by socially constructed ideas of ‘ beauty’. Dancers: Lea Emilia Christensen, Suzan Stouthart, Samuel Rhyner, Sarah Prescimone
Honey, Dont Spill ! A butoh Based performance based on the initual thoughts of ‘ Sugar Free’ An experiment based on the transformative and switching posibilities throughtout resistance of bodyDancers: Lea Emilia Christensen, Suzan Stouthart, Sarah Prescimone Visual artist: Rene Donders

B.U.B.B.L.E BUBBLE, may refer to A globule of one substance in another, a Bubble, an interpersonal space, also NGC 7635 ( known as the Bubble Nebula). In Bubble wrap, a packaging material. Bulla is Latin for "Bubble". Also for Sparkling wine or Champagne. Not forgetting: Slang for Mephedrone, a synthetic stimulant. In songs: "Bubbles", by System of a Down from Steal This Album! In the Economic bubble, a situation where market prices are unsustainable. On the Bubble; Finely balanced between success and failure. Choreografer/Performer: Sarah Prescimone Kluizenaar 3

The Meeting A trio where Sugar free and Stupor are intertwined together. Performing simultaneously and finding new meeting points. Dancers; Suzan Stouthart, Lea Emilia Christensen, Len van der Pol

Sugar Free ‘ I don’t need sugar in my tea and I don’t want sugar in my coffee.. During my childhood I never brought my sugar coat with me outside. Instead, I fully glazed my body.’ Dancers: Suzan Stouthart, lea Emilia Christensen Choreographer: Sarah Prescimone Visual Artist: Rene Donders Location: Kunstleer, Tilburg Stupor A Duet stimulated by the inner conflict of the Alter and Shadow ego. A reductive state of being lead by recognition and repression of the explosion of the two extremes. Dancers: Ranil Peperstraten,Len van der Pol Choreographer: Sarah Prescimone
Swimmer A solo made for the lost refugees for the exposition of Ellen Rijk Choreographer /dancer: Sarah Prescimone
L’eremita di Stelle Description: As Soon we find solitude we contemplate About our life. Thoughts come and thoughts go. We find ourself in a trafic of memories, wondering about our past. Bound by the present moments. The now or the many nows. We shape and visualize our future world. Possibilities, different scenario's arise. We can move solidly in the empty space making the invisible, visible again. Dancer/Choreographer: Sarah Prescimone - Residency in the kluis, nwe vorst,Tilburg

Offtrack An Experiment lead by the investigation of catatonic schizophrenia Performed in Bochum, for Du kannst nichts- Experimental Battle Dancers: Lea Emilia Christensen, Sarah Prescimone
Un limone al giorno A lemon a day keeps the doctor away.Collaboration with italian dancers for their annual final show.Dancers: Francesco catalfamo, giorgia affannato, valeria rossello, antonella gitto, rosangela perroni ,maria chiofalo,roberta perdichizzi,federica perdichizzi,alice mascali.
The season is over.. To harvest the darkest periods of life.. butoh solo - Opening Amsterdam Butoh festival
Mother’s Home Dancer/ Choreographer: Sarah Prescimone Musician: Jaderick Croes Composer: Xavier Geerman Out of Tune Speculum Mentis is latin for the mirror of the soul. A scarecrow is not a mannequin, it’s human! 5 men owning revolvers just saved a small white puppy. Honey, you are so sweet! you put so much sugar on mycake. While you are reading this I departed and you got lost. Today I will bring your cauliflower with me to work. Shibui Dancers: Sharon Wessenling, Laura Schonlau, Lea Emilia Christensen
2017 CMC- Intune A Cross disciplinary project inbetween movement and sound The transformative ability of the body, in which frequency do we navigate in space? AnyBODY can be EveryBODY Dancers: Lea Emilia Christensen, Sharon wesseling, Diarmuid armstong, Laura schonlau, Jetske Musicians: Johan, Isaac poels, Rymvid Bernadete e, Inez da lacerda
Tab ‘ In attachment something I was holding on’ Performed by: Sarah Prescimone, Leo Rathmann Location: Kunstleer, atelier
‘’Quannu Cadiu” Dancers: Francesco Catalfamo, Teresa Calzavara, Antonella Gitto, Samuela Giorgianni, Irene Parisi, Alice mascali, Alessandro Triolo Music: Ginevra di marco-Amara terra mia / Rosa Balistreri- Mi votu e mi rivotu

OSPITI A solo where the body works as a channel. For memories and experiences to transmute into entities, guests which incarnate in a neutral body, a crowded home. Is this vessel able to hospit this arising archetypes? Dancer: Simon Bus Music Collaboration; Xavier Geerman, Panagiotis Ziavras, Demos Horn, Michiel Mollen, Stan van Rixtel. Diarios A scar is a note that we always carry around, we are folding the pages pag. 3,7,9 Dancers: Daniela Rodrigo, Ines Malo
To Dust All Returns What if we walk backwards in life, facing what is behind us. An abstract quartet, Where dancers shape a technical reformation in there bodies within space and time as a companion. Dancers: Vanessa Vieira da Cunha, Martina Gunkel, Kris Adem, Leo Rathmann
Error Trial A solo, I found an error in my body, My Emotions are wrong, My reasons are wrong. VERDICT: Guilty of Manipulation and False Statements, I lost my sentence. Dancer: Rohiet Tjoen Poen Gie Participation at the: NCC, Netherlands Choreographic Competition Haze I had to tell my hip that we did not have a relationship anymore... A solo about contradictions in the body, an hesitation. Is it pleasurable or painful? Dancer/Choreographer: Sarah Prescimone Coach: Eddy Becquart R & J Contemporary version of Romeo & Juliet - graduation piece of Master piano student; Seoie Jung
The Lucid Succuba Dancers: Vanessa Vieira da Cunha, Leo Rathmann Nacht van de kunsten
Cinis Feminae - A Pre- Mortem Remain Dancer: Elizaveta Sulaiman Coach: Pia Meuthen
Focus Dancers/Choreographer: Ellis van Veldhuizen, Sarah Prescimone
Crisis Corporis Part 2 The body crisis The body Crisis “A sense of disconnection with one’s self or one’s surroundings” A surreal moving trio, exploring the capacity and the distance of the inner and outward body confrontation. Engaging with the confusing continuity of the mind in a body crisis. Traveling through different mind and body states by revealing traumatic experience. Dancers: Martina Gunkel, Julia Stankiewicz, Sarah Prescimone Open your Mind Selections
CrisisCorporis ‘A sense of disconnection with one self or one’s surroundings’ Dancers: Maria Sartzetaki, Martina Gunkel, Anna Zurkichen,KellyVanneste, Liza Seniouk, Julia Stankiwik Making space - Camouflage me Site specific duet in the city of Tilburg Dancers: Eva Geia Huisman, Allison Duarte
Ebano Dancers: Cettina cicero, Alessandro Triolo, Teresa Calzavara, Francesco Catalfamo, Angelica Borges. Music: Modena city ramblers- Ebano
Riss/Sess- Strange Attraction We tasten in een leegte, samen’ Dancers: Robin Werdler, Gaelle Callewaert, Kai Suen, Lucas Devroe. Project on location: Helga Deen Tuin, Tilburg.
Graduation Piece Clara Riviere, Celloist Dancer: Isa Hoornsman ,Music: Clara Riviere NARKOTIKA Screen dance movie Dancers: Nicole van den Berg, Isa Hoornsman,Suzan Stouthart. Old Patern Dancer: Sarah Prescimone A project on The phenomenology of Butoh.
Themeweek- Interdisciplinaire show A interdisciplinaire project between Art,theater music and dance Me.Mo | A Forgotten State of Selfs Identities Dancers: Mimi wascher, Marijn van der Sanden. Music: Simon Van Leunen
SHaDEs Dancers: Maria Sartezaki, Margot de Smet, Gaelle Callewaert,Georgia Begbie, Sergio Debevere.
SHaDE + Solo translation Dancer: Maria Sartezaki.
2015 SHaDE Art: Rene Donders ( Kunstleer) Music: Spency Ludowika, aka Dj Sueside Danser: Sarah Prescimone. GreedBreed (avaritia) M​usic: Michiel Ceulemans/ Isaac Poels/ Diederik Smulders Dancers: Piet van Dycke, Kai jay suen, Lucas Devroe. Golden Cage (Rock­ Opera) Dancers: Eleni Ploumi, Evangelos Biskas. Music: Matthijs Rolleman SLEEP NOTMusic: Spency Ludowika aka Dj Sueside Dancers: Nicole van den Berg, Tommy Pham. Undersnail (Butoh) ​Dancer: Sarah Prescimone. 2014 DuVet Dancers: Suzan Stouthart, Isa Hoornsman Music: Kasper de vries, Xavier Geerman. Ricordi dal Balcone Collaboration with Elena Iachininoto. De kaki seizoen is voorbij.. Collaboration with Okke Braaksma. The YAWN experiment Dancers: Sarah Prescimone, Evangelos Biskas, Dylan Holly, Tommy Pham, Nicole van den Berg. 2013 BIJT Collaboration with Rodney Kasandikromo - 3e place Literaire wedstrijd, Den Bosch