A Note from Curious Creations This play is written, like its subject matter, in the spirit of recycling - repurposing images and bits of dialogue from plays, public lectures, and video. In his (re)Making Project, Chuck Mee says, “there is no such thing as an original play…most work is taken from earlier stories or re-worked events, personal or public, then given a new “unique” form.” Curious Creations embraces this philosophy. We have mined our research for ideas and words. We conflated aspects of real people to form characters. Among our sources are the catadores of Jardim Gramacho and other landfills, so too are the prophetic women and men such as Severn Cullis-Suzuki, David Suzuki, Bolan Slat, Charles J. Moore and 5 Gyres. They warn us about dependence on plastics and the devastating consequences of our addiction to it as evidenced by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a gyre of floating plastic the size of Texas. By recycling our artistic materials and throwing them into a theatrical vortex we hope to form our own unique story, our own theatre gyre. Don’t expect a lecture. Do expect a prophecy. Do expect fun…and the odd Ukulele.


Writer-Directors - Dawn Moore and Desmond Price

Costume Designer & Sound Operator – Jemma Schrauwen

Lighting Designer – Desmond Price

Media – Patrick Moore, MooreMedia

Graphic Designer – Laura Pummell

The Garbage Pickers “Catadores”

Which characters are named after plastic?

Jardim – Prophet who regrets her actions – Lara Foley

Chefe – Canteen cook & matchmaker – Jess Redmond

Giro – Dreams of a new life of adventure – Sarah Gustin

Paulie – The lover – Zachary Lamarche

Ethel Lene – Wants to escape the Jardim - Sarah Moir

The Garbo Seekers – all named Wisemen

Magi – Thinks he’s boss – David Lees

Maggy – Keeps her siblings in line – Claire Stewart

Maggie – The unintentional brains of the family –

Betsie Kopola-Hoshowski

Check out some of our inspiration

5 Gyres Institute. Less Plastic. More Ocean. 5yres.org

Boyan Slat. The Ocean Cleanup. theoceancleanup.com

The David Suzuki Foundation davidsuzuki.org

Severn Cullis Suzuki

Waste Land wastelandmovie.com

Captain Charles Moore “I will refuse plastic” Plastic Ocean

Numerous plays and the Three Stooges!

Edinburgh Fringe 2016. Here we are on the Royal Mile