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CUMC Preschool, located in Cheviot of Cincinnati, is designed to meet the developmental needs of preschool children ages 2 1/2-5. It provides experiences that enrich and support each child's cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative development.

Within the preschool's three hours, each child will have opportunities to create, explore and problem-solve. Each child learns personal interaction skills, concepts through first-hand experiences and to develop a positive self-concept through a balance of self-directed and teacher-directed activities.

Opportunities for solitary play as well as group activities will be provided. Staff will serve as positive role models and will provide care that is supportive, warm and responsive to each child's individual needs.

We are accepting applications for 2018-2019 teaching positions. If you know of someone that would like to apply for one of the positions please call 513-389-3060

Class Information

All classes begin at 9:30 AM and end at 12:30 PM. One-, two-, three- and four-day (Pre-K only) classes are available.

Parent Participation

CUMC Preschool is a cooperative program operated by a volunteer Board of Directors that determines policies, goals, curriculum, staff, fundraising and budget requirements for the school. Positions open each year for interested parents. Parents are also required to assist in the classroom for a specified number of days per school year, acting as Parent Helper.

Contact Information

3820 Westwood Northern Boulevard

Cincinnati, OH 45211

Phone: (513) 389-3060

Fax: (513) 389-3061

Director: Paula Long