A Firewall Migration Company

We use a machine learning approach to migrations

High Touch services

Next-generation firewalls provide granular access control based on the user, application, and content layers.These firewalls can distinguish between different types of application traffic, eliminating the all-or-nothing traffic approach of traditional firewalls

Machine Learning

Scrutinize each rule

Our flagship Spade migration tool uses machine learning and analytics to simulate real world traffic on your migrated firewalls.

Do not send sensitive real world traffic to test your migrations ever again!

Lowering Risk

Reduce downtime

We at Cube Armor understand the cost of a downtime.

Our professional services team follows industry proven methodology and are dedicated to help you reduce the risk of your firewall migrations.


Remove bloated configurations

Is you current configuration bloated up?

Our optimization feature allow you to remove stale, redundant, unused and shadowed rules from your configuration before you migrate.

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