What Do We Do at Pack 72

Den Meetings – Your son will meet weekly or bi-weekly with a group of other boys who are in his grade. This provides him a chance to make new friends and do new activities with a close group of friends.

Pack Meetings – This is a meeting for all Cub Scouts and parents to get together to recognize their sons for the achievements they have accomplished during each month. Skits, songs and plays are just a few activities during a Pack meeting. Parents have a special break out meeting with the cub master and their den leader to get the scoop about any upcoming events while the boys participate in a fun activity.

Fall Family Campout – This is the first campout of the year. Experience the outdoors with your kids along with other Lake Pointe families and friends. Enjoy the hiking, fishing, flashlight tag and other planned activities. Also build campfire memories your child will never forget. This event is held at local state parks and the entire family participates.

Spring Family Campout – This is our second campout of the year and is held in the Spring. Get away with your son and family and enjoy the Spring with us.

Webelos Woods – A big Saturday event and camping trip in October for 5th grade Webelos only (no siblings). This is done with a Boy Scout Troop. It is a must for 5th graders.

Resident Camp – Held in the summer, this two-night, three day camping event is held at Lost Pines Scout Reservation on Lake Bastrop. Scouts (no siblings) and a parent participate in a rotation of activities throughout the day and have fun around the campfire at night. The scout can earn tons of belt loops at the camp. There is fishing, archery, slingshots, sports, swimming, paddleboats, and projects in wildlife, science and art. This is a great camp that every Cub Scout and adult partner should experience.

Dad and Lad Cake Bake – No MOMS! Dads (or other adult, male family member) and scouts bake and decorate a cake according to one of the many contest categories. Scouts have to do the clean up! Then bring your creation to the Pack meeting for the contest.

Pinewood Derby – Parent and son work together to build a gravity powered miniature racecar from a kit. BSA regulation derby kits and strict adherence to the rules are required to participate in this event. The SCOUTS make and decorate their own cars. PARENTS (and siblings) can make their own as well and race in the “Open” class. Cars are required to qualify by weight and length/width and clearance prior to race day. Workshops are held with lots of helpful instruction, cutting and sanding. Everyone is encouraged to attend one.

Blue and Gold Banquet – The banquet is held in February to celebrate the advancement of our Cub Scouts and the crossing over of our Webelos II into Boy Scouts. The entire family joins in on this dinner celebration. There is a per family fee.

Rain gutter Regatta – Boys use BSA boat kits to create a sailboat that is blown down a 10-foot length of rain gutter.

Space Rocket Derby – The Space Derby is similar to the Pinewood Derby or Rain Gutter Regatta except that the models are miniature ‘rockets’ — propeller-driven and powered by two or three rubber bands — that travel along a heavy monofilament fishing line. The boys, with the guidance of their parents or other family members, carve the rockets.

Boy Scout Popcorn Sales – Selling popcorn is our Pack’s main fundraiser. Trail’s End Popcorn is renowned for its high quality and excellent taste. This is an October event.

Round Up – An August Pack meeting held at the beginning of the school year in which new boys are recruited and registered.

Report to State – This parade down Congress Avenue to the Capitol is a yearly event for thousands of scouts.

Special Event – Our Pack goes on a trip. We’ve been to the U.S.S. Lexington (and spent the night on board) and to the Fort Worth Zoo Safari Nights (and spent the night in the zoo!). Each year we determine a special event trip for the scout to participate in.