Boise Adventure Running Tournament

City of Trees Orienteering Club (CTOC), IS BEING RESCHEDULED FOR FALL/WINTER 20/21


Adventure running (or walking). Unlike your standard running race, there is no marked path to follow. You will be given a map with points to run or walk to in order.

Tournament. You will first run a short time trial (~1.5k,) and then be organized into brackets to progress through 4 rounds of races (2-3k each) to finally be racing head-to-head with racers matched to your speed.

How far is it really? How far you go depends on how well you navigate. A 1.5k course typically translates to about 1.5 miles of foot travel, if you are efficient. Fast competitors will run for 10-20 minutes in the time trial, then 20-35 minutes in each additional race. Slower competitors may spend an hour or more on each course.

When & where

Day 1. First race start times will be assigned in the morning. 3 races with breaks in between will finish in the afternoon.

Day 2. First race start times will be assigned between 10:15 and 10:40 am. 2 races with an award ceremony around 2 pm.

Boise city parks or locations close to Boise. All races will be close to Boise/Treasure Valley.

How & more

Who can participate? Anyone who can comfortably run or walk a 1-3 mile distance for 3 events on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Individuals of all ages are welcome and age group awards will be given. A walker who can navigate well may beat a runner who makes a wrong turn.

Will I get lost? Maybe, but that's part of the fun. The events are in city parks with high detail maps so you shouldn't have trouble finding your way to the finish. Check out the CTOC website for practice opportunities.

Timing. We use an timing system that requires you to use a small device to electronically "punch" each control, in order.

Register. We have a limit of 40 competitors and the cost is incredibly low, so register early!