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CTES General Dealer and Services    cc Reg No. 2010/101831/23

 DELTEK partner and reseller for  DELTEK PPM Products



 HMS Time Control Software

Located  Midrand  Gauteng

 South Africa

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About us

CTES  Services add value to our client's processes and offering solutions for all implementation phases from pre-sale to entry into production.

It is important to note that CTES’s relationship with its customers does not stop here.

We make it a point to follow the full life cycle of our solutions inside their organizations.

From implementation and support to optimization and strategic initiatives, we are committed to continuous improvement and a strong relationship.

All services offered by CTES are performed by a highly trained professional, to ensure the quality and visibility expected in today's world.

By using CTES services for DELTEK PPM and  HMS TimeControl products it reduces implementation risk to a minimum and maximizes your Return On Investment  (ROI)