Classroom Teachers Association of North Carolina

Teachers helping teachers, by protecting educators and improving our profession, through strong action and voice

CTA NC's President Judy Henion was the ONLY Education based association to serve on Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson's FACTS Task Force. Only CTA NC will have a voice at this STATE level table! YOUR voice WILL BE HEARD! This is YOUR membership in action. Don't believe what you may hear from "other" organizations. Do your own research just like we teach our students. Here is a link to the FACTS about the FACTS...(below). Way to go Judy! Please don't hesitate to contact Judy or any Board member to express your voice to the Lt. Governor. YOU WILL BE HEARD as a CTA NC member! That's the FACT!

CTA NC Board has been actively traveling and speaking with NC Legislature during the COVID pandemic. We have been actively lobbying for:

  • Return to work safety protocols

  • Return to work bonuses

  • Permanent salary increases NOT related to and beyond COVID

  • Re-establishment of Masters pay

  • Re-establishment of longevity pay (answers to why administrators continue to receive this benefit but teachers do not)

  • Serious overhaul and structuring of H1V Visa system

Bienvenedos to Fredy Romero!

CTA NC Executive Board recently voted South Meck's Fredy Remero unanimously onto the Board. Fredy brings a wealth of experience and holds a Masters in both education and school administration. He currently serves as an ESL teacher. Fredy brings a unique perspective and experience to the Board aiding with many of the legal challenges our international educators often face with the H1V Visas and the burdensome and confusing challenges often placed in the pathways of becoming effective educators for our students as a foreign born teacher.

We are so excited about CTA NC adding this depth and knowledge to our already extensive team! Please help us welcome Fredy and spread the word to any of your international teachers that CTA NC is here and ready to take this journey with them!


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