JFO Fiscal Update - Nov. 2018

Prior to each session the Joint Fiscal Office (JFO), a non-partisan research branch of the legislature, does a presentation to all Legislators. This page contains links to my summary of the talks. There are also links to the presentation documents. For those who like statistics, facts, forecast and predictions about Vermont's economy, this was a fascinating briefing.

And videos of the briefing:

If you have questions or see inaccuracies, please contact me.

The agenda was as follows:

  • Economic Review – Tom Kavet, Legislative Economist - Reports on the balance of expenditures vs. revenue, the state of the national economy, stock markets, household income, gap between rich and poor, oil prices, retail sales, consumer sentiment, E-commerce, labor markets, wages, recession predictions, real estate, demographics, school enrollment and Vermont exports.
  • FY19 Budget Considerations - Stephen Klein, Chief Fiscal Officer, Joint Fiscal Office. How big is the budget? Where does the money go? What are the major concerns for the next budget year?
  • Administration's FY 2020 Budget Overview: Susanne Young, Secretary, Agency of Administration, Adam Greshin, Commissioner. What are the concerns of the Phil Scott administration regarding the next budget year? What about Moody's bond rating downgrade and our pension liabilities?
  • Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder – Mary Moulton, Executive Director, Washington County Mental Health Services (her presentation) and Beth Tanzman, Director, Blueprint for Health (her presentation)
  • Water Quality: Michael O’Grady, Deputy Chief Counsel, Legislative Council.
  • Vermont’s Bond Rating Downgrade: Beth Pearce, Vermont State Treasurer
  • Pensions : Vermont State Treasurer Beth Pearce
  • Act 46 Implementation Krista Huling, Chair, Vermont State Board of Education - This presentation had no slide show, so there is no link.