Good Vermont Numbers

Legislators and the general public often hear the bad information about our state, but there is much to brag about. This page has some of the good numbers for Vermont.

Our Strong Vermont Economy

● Prosperity Now’s January 2019 Scorecard ranked Vermont #1 overall for the household financial well-being of its residents.

● The January 2019 National Movers Study found that Vermont is the state with the highest percentage of inbound migration (72.6 percent).

● Amazon’s May 2019 ranking of the fifty states with the fastest-growing small and medium-sized businesses selling in Amazon’s stores ranked Vermont #8.

● Vermont’s unemployment rate is 2.3%.

● In 2018, Vermont was tied for the 5th lowest unemployment rate in the USA.

● In 2018, there were 24,197 businesses in Vermont, up 345 from 2017.

● Vermont is the 2nd best small state for small business per the Kaufman Foundation.

Strong Schools Future

● On average, Vermont students are consistently among the highest performing in the nation, including on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

● A January 2019 EdWeek survey found Vermont has an 87.7% High School graduation rate, one of the best in the country.

● High levels of student achievement have remained as the state education system transitions to personalization of learning, including flexible pathways, creativity, health and wellness, technology education, and applied learning.

● Vermonters support a well-resourced, accountable education system.

Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

● Vermont’s uninsured rate has steadily declined over time, regardless of sex.

● In 2005, Vermont’s uninsured rate for males was 12% -- today it is 4%.

● In 2005, Vermont’s uninsured rate for females was 8% -- today it is 2%.

● Vermont’s uninsured rate has reduced to 3.2% in 2018.

● Vermont has the 2nd lowest uninsured rate in the country.

Healthy Environment and our Bottom Line

● Tourism spending in Vermont is close to $3 Billion annually.

● Statewide, Vermont’s outdoor recreation economy generates $5.5 billion in annual consumer spending and supports 51,000 jobs.

● Vermont Craft Beer totals $378.2 million in overall economic impact, of that $126.7 million is direct to tourism.

● Dairy contributes $2.2 billion in economic activity to Vermont every year, the equivalent of $3 Million in circulating cash every day.

Vermont is the leading producer of maple syrup in the U.S., producing 1.94 million gallons of syrup in 2018.