csu-icm Mission

The CSU-ICM aims to increase opportunities in cancer research, training, and funding for attendees by providing a forum for the active exchange of ideas from diverse disciplines and the chance to hear from leaders in the field.

We desire to bring together CSU academics, non-CSU academics, representatives from industry and the general public to increase cross-disciplinary collaborations and the frequency of seminal advances in cancer research.

Currently, there is a need for regional meetings that provide an affordable and focused platform for inter-disciplinary exchange between life scientists, non-life scientists and cancer experts. The CSU-ICM’s mission and agenda are designed to address this need, while our efforts to provide financial resources and minimal registration fees are aimed to maximize accessibility to CSU faculty and trainees, many of whom have cited a need for travel/lodging support. For attendees, the interdisciplinary nature of the meeting has the potential to stimulate novel and collaborative lines of investigation that can lead to new grant proposals and critical advances in cancer research.

The inaugural CSU-ICM meeting will provide faculty and trainees from all 23 CSU campuses, regional research universities and the general public access to sessions on interdisciplinary cancer research that are designed to put into action core mission elements of the CSU system, including advancing of scientific knowledge, learning, and discovery; promoting professional development; and preparing a diverse scientific workforce.

We hope you will join us for this exciting event!