CSU Topology Seminar

This seminar at Colorado State University is for those interested in topology and its applications.

You may also be interested in attending the AATRN online seminar talks; email Henry if there are any talks in particular where you'd like him to reserve a watching room in Morgan library.

Fall 2020: Please see https://topology.ima.umn.edu/seminars for an online topology seminar co-hosted by CSU, meeting Wednesdays at 9am Mountain Time (typically) on Zoom. Please email Henry for more details.

Spring 2020: Tuesdays at 4pm in WB 201

  • January 28, organizational meeting

  • February 11, Alex Williams, Computing persistent homology

  • Wednesday February 12, Shmuel Weinberger, 10am in Morgan 172. This is part of the AATRN Online Seminar.

  • February 18, Henry Adams, Persistent homology, zigzag persistence, and quiver representations

  • February 25, Michael DiPasquale, Multiparameter persistence

  • March 3, Hailun Zheng, Face numbers of centrally symmetric simplicial polytopes and spheres

  • March 10, Joshua Mirth, A statistical perspective on persistence


  • March 24, Chris Peterson, Stochastic topology

  • March 31, Eric Kehoe, The complex of pseudoultrametrics and iterated cycle structures

  • April 7, Brittany Carr, Radon's theorem and Tverberg's conjecture

  • April 14, Johnathan Bush, The topological Tverberg conjecture

  • April 21, Henry Adams at Topology Day in Boulder

  • Friday May 8, Hannah Alpert, Configuration spaces of hard objects

Fall 2019

  • September 3, organizational meeting

  • September 10, Henry Adams, An introduction to matroids [Notes]

  • September 17, Alex McCleary, An introduction to matroids and greedoids [Björner Section 6]

  • September 24, Michael DiPasquale, Oriented matroids [Björner Section 7] and/or [appendix of MacPherson]

  • October 1, Amit Patel, Matroid bundles [Anderson]

  • October 8, Woojin Kim, Generalized persistence diagrams for persistence modules over posets

  • October 15, Amit Patel, Matroid bundles and the MacPhersonian [MacPherson]

  • October 22, Harrison Chapman, Knots, biology, (and data)

  • October 29, Mark Blumstein, Symmetries in data

  • November 5, Molly Moran, An introduction to geometric group theory

  • November 12, Markus Pflaum, Relative K-theory

  • November 19, Chris Peterson, A piece of Hilbert's 16th problem

  • December 10, Bryan Gillespie, Convexity in ordered matroids and the generalized external order

Spring 2019

Fall 2018

  • August 21, organizational meeting

  • August 28, Bernd Sturmfels, Learning algebraic varieties from samples (AATRN seminar, at an unusual time 11:00am, in Morgan 172)

  • September 4, Joshua Mirth, Morse theory

  • September 11, Joshua Mirth, Discrete Morse theory

  • September 18, Grzegorz Muszynski, Towards topological pattern detection methods in spatiotemporal data

  • September 25, Amit Patel, Multidimensional persistence

  • October 2, Chris Peterson, Multiparameter persistence

  • October 9, Alex McCleary, Magnitude homology

  • October 16, Tanner Strunk, Applied vector bundles

  • October 23, Agnès Beaudry, The Linearization Conjecture

  • October 30, Mark Blumstein, Introduction to Lie groups and principal bundles

  • November 6, Mark Blumstein, Principal bundles and Chern-Weil theory

  • November 13, Henry Adams, Lovasz' proof of the Kneser conjecture

  • December 4, Ezra Miller (AATRN seminar, at an unusual time 11:00am, in Morgan 172)

Spring 2018

  • January 30, Mark Blumstein, An introduction to equivariant cohomology I

  • February 6, Mark Blumstein, An introduction to equivariant cohomology II

  • February 20, Topology Day at CU Boulder

  • February 27, Tom Needham, Injectivity properties of distance distributions

  • March 6, Amit Patel, Applications of merge trees and Reeb graphs

  • March 20, Amit Patel, Homology with twisted coefficients

  • March 27, Greg Henselman, Combinatorics and Computation in Topological Data Analysis

  • April 10, Chad Topaz, Topological data analysis of collective motion

  • April 17, Amit Patel, Cosheaf homology

  • April 24, Henry Adams, An introduction to homotopy colimits

  • May 1, Henry Adams, Using homotopy colimits to understand infinite simplicial complexes

Fall 2017

  • September 5, Amit Patel, The theory of persistence I

  • September 12, Amit Patel, The theory of persistence II

  • September 19, Amit Patel, The theory of persistence III

  • September 26, Henry Adams, An introduction to Vietoris-Rips and Cech complexes I

  • October 3, Joshua Mirth, Metric thickenings of Euclidean submanifolds

  • October 10, Henry Adams, Vietoris-Rips complexes of the circle

  • October 31, Amit Patel, Tubular neighborhoods for Whitney stratified spaces

  • November 7, Henry Kvinge, An introduction to Khovanov homology I

  • November 14, Henry Kvinge, An introduction to Khovanov homology II

  • November 28, Dustin Sauriol, Leray spectral sequences I

  • December 5, Dustin Sauriol, Leray spectral sequences II