Hackable Classroom

What is the Hackable Classroom?

We believe that any classroom can - and should be - hackable. That means students can interact with elements of their environment in an asynchronous way to foster creativity and curiosity while diving deeper with their learning. Empowering individuals to change the functionality of an element or access a previously unknown aspect by combining it with other hackable elements.

What will I find on this website?

Each post on this site will give you inspiration and guidance on how to complete a single hackable classroom project. Some will require technology, others do not. Some of the best classroom hacks can be hidden treasure for students to discover days, weeks even months after installation.

How can I get involved?

We hope you are here because you are, like us, passionate about giving students more choice and freedom to undertake experiential learning in your subject.

We welcome guest post submissions from teachers of students of all ages and stages. The only caveat is that your classroom hack enables student creativity, curiosity and deeper learning. Remixes or combinations of other hackable classroom projects are welcomed as all posts on this site are Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike.