More about CSS

Protecting Jewish Life, and the Jewish Way of Life, in America...Since 2007

Though CSS was not available in Southern California until 2017, CSS has been serving the Jewish Community for nearly 14 years. The organization formally began in NYC in 2007. CSS provides a wide range of security services at no cost to the Jewish community. From securing thousands of events every year to helping secure facilities, we are the community security experts. Our teams are part of the community, trained by the community, here to protect the community, acting as a key force multiplier for law enforcement.

CSS strives to preserve our way of life and respect Jews from every walk of life. Our organization is supported by Jewish leaders, organizations, and law enforcement. Through our program, the Jewish community receives the highest level of security training; our teams become the eyes and ears of the community, partnering up with law enforcement to help secure our community in an non-disruptive, seamless way. The CSS training programs and operational methodology draw on the expertise of top security experts and professionals. To Learn more about CSS, visit our full website at www.thecss.org

Training Programs for CSS Volunteers