Center for Spiritual Living


Just imagine.

Imagine a spiritual haven where all people and every heart are welcomed and embraced. See a place open to all races and ethnicities, spiritual practices and religions, sexual orientations and gender identities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Envision a place where these people are safe to come together in love and kindness, where diversity is affirmed, and the innate humanity uniting us all is revered. This is a place of possibility for anyone at any stage on their journey to grow spiritually and enrich their experience of life. This is a place to grow in love and healthy-mindedness, for self and for our world.

210 E. 3rd Ave., Kennewick, WA 99336

Sunday Services

10:00 - Public Meditation || 10:30 - Service & Lesson

Welcome home.

The Center for Spiritual Living™ Tri-Cities is just such a place. We are a spiritual community honoring all paths to God. We teach and practice the New Thought spiritual philosophy of Dr. Ernest S. Holmes, the Science of Mind. We convey and celebrate the noblest qualities of humankind, appreciate the world around us, and cultivate a relationship with the Infinite Power Within. Our spirituality is practical and provides us with tangible ways to apply spiritual principles in everyday life for our greater joy and higher good. We seek inner peace, interpersonal harmony, and prosperity. We gain and hone the spiritual tools to transform our lives and make the world around us a better place for all. And we are here to support one another in love and mutual respect as we learn and grow.

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