Computer Science in Your Neighborhood

Student Competition

The Virginia Department of Education, Science Museum of Virginia, and CodeVA are hosting a competition for Virginia students! Your task? Design a digital product (e.g., image, video, program, etc) that addresses one or two of the prompts below.

The contest is free and open to all students K-12. Judging divisions will be divided into two grade bands: K-5th grade and 6th-12th grade. Entrants may enter more than once, but may only win once. Prizes will include cool Virginia is for Computer Science Lovers swag, with a special prize for the top winners!


  1. What does computer science mean to you?
  2. Tell us about someone in your family or neighborhood who uses computer science every day? How do they use it?
  3. How do you use computer science in your daily life?
  4. How does your family or your community use computer science?
  5. if you couldn't use computers for a day, what would change in your life?
  6. How can you use computer science to solve a problem within your community or your neighborhood? (Identify the problem and the process you would use to solve the problem)*

*Prompt 6 only available tograde 6-8 and 9-12 submissions

Submission - DUE 12/20

To enter the competition, please fill out the form below and email your digital product to by Friday, 12/20.

Specifications: Digital products should be created or recorded using computing tools (a visualization, graphic, video, program, audio recording, artwork, or an essay). Acceptable multimedia file types include .mp3, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mov, or .wav. PDF files must not exceed three pages. Video or audio files must not exceed 1 minute in length and must not exceed 25MB in size.