CSE 305 January 2017

Computer Architecture

Welcome to the course webpage for CSE 305: Computer Architecture course at CSE, BUET. Here necessary materials, evaluations, class lectures, class schedules, and other important information will be posted from time to time. That is the first time I am taking a course the second time and therefore I am super excited to see how things go this year. If you have registered for the course, CSE 305, we hope you will really enjoy studying them :) .


CSE 205 Digital Logic Design


  • Computer Abstractions and Technology

    • Eight great ideas in computer architecture

    • Measuring computer performance

  • Instructions: Language of the Computer

    • Instruction set architecture

    • Design principles behind instruction set architecture

    • Addressing modes

  • Arithmetic for Computers

    • Addition and subtraction along with overflow conditions

    • Multiplication and division

    • Floating-point numbers

  • Datapath and Control Unit Design

  • Hazards

  • Exceptions

  • Pipeline: pipelined datapath and control, superscalar and dynamic pipelining

  • Memory organization: cache, virtual memory, channels

  • DMA and Interrupts

  • Buses

  • Multiprocessors: types of multiprocessors, performance, single bus multiprocessors, multiprocessors connected by network, clusters


  • Tanvir Ahmed Khan | takhandipu at gmail dot com | Details