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Welcome to Title 1!

Salam aleikom parents and students and welcome to Title 1! Your child(ren) is(are) part of this program to receive further assistance in the subject/s of math and/or reading.

Please check this page often for updates and announcements (please also check "Past Class Announcements") regarding Title 1, as well as accessing directly the online programs for further practice towards the bottom of this page.

Class Announcements


Salam aleikom Title 1 Parents!

In shaa Allah this find you all in good health and Iman.

I would like to happily inform everyone that we have a new teacher, Ms. Danielle Sanchez. Ms. Danielle will be teaching Mondays-Wednesdays, giving more opportunity for one-on-one direct instruction for students with two teachers in each class on these days each week. Ms. Danielle is excited to be at this school and work with all the students and learn about the community.

This month we have been focusing on reading comprehension and attention to details and grammar in grades 3-7. Kindergarten is working on letter recognition, sounds, and writing letters. Grade 1 is working on rhyming words and grade 2 has been progressing in reading fluency.

In math, grades 5-7 have been progressing in long division with remainders and decimals. Grades 3-4 have been working to identify money, values, and counting. Grades 1-2 are working on basic addition and subtraction with visuals and kindergarten is working on number identification.

The students have been giving great effort and we encourage you at home to speak with your children about the importance of staying focused until the winter break, as second quarter can bring natural excitement for students to fall into a pattern and growth can level off. Keep them encouraged to continue their focus through the end of the year!

For any questions, please click the button above this section and complete the form.

Jazak Allah Khairon, for your continued support!

-Ms. Alexandra

ICCI Title 1 Instructor

Title 1 Subjects Offered for Kindergarten through 8th Grades


Math support is available for kindergarten through 8th grades. Topics are designed to reinforce basic math concepts such as number values, order and expressions, math vocabulary, and comprehension are addressed at all levels. Concepts are covered to offer immediate support to match core curriculum and current topics according to grade level as well as long-term strategies to develop and maintain skills comprehension and practice.


Reading support is available for kindergarten through 8th grades. Basic elements such as phonetic structures, sounds, letter recognition, words development and sentence grammar and structure are focused on for new learners. Reading comprehension is enforced through recitation, audio methods, and question and answer approaches. Writing development in letters/words and grammar and structure are also enforced.

Title 1 Online Materials - Math

IXL - 1st-8th Grades

IXL is used for students in 1st through 8th grades. Skills are assigned to each student to work on based on individual instructional areas indicated for needed improvement which align with common core standards from their NWEA MAP tests. Students will also use the "Diagnostic" to assess their overall progress on a regular basis. Certificates are also awarded and earned for each student which will be printed and distributed.

Students log in with their individual username and password at

Please view the IXL Parent Handout below.
IXL Parent Handout General.pdf

Symphony Math - Kindergarten

Symphony Math is used for KG students. The game approach is easy for students to follow once they log in and uses visual and interactive building skills to focus on foundational counting, numeric values, and advance once students are proficient. Each "stage" is presented as a game board format and awards and achievements are given after accomplishments.

Students log in using account #6708 followed by the student's username and password at

Please view the Symphony Math Parent Handout below.
Symphony Math Parent Letter.pdf

Title 1 Online Materials - Reading

Lexia Core 5 - KG-2nd Grades

Lexia Core 5 is a reading software used for Grades K-3. This "game-like" approach allows students to be initially evaluated and placed into coursework according to their level. From there, topics covered include vocabulary, phonetic sounds and structure, story sequence, and main ideas. For more please read the parent letters included below.

Students log in first entering the given teacher's email and with their username and password at

Please see the Lexia Parent Handout in English and Arabic below.
Lexia Core 5 English Program Description.pdf
Lexia Core 5 Arabic Program Description.pdf

Reading Plus - 3rd-8th Grades

Reading Plus is a program designed to improve reading competency, vocabulary, and proficiency. This program is used with students in 3rd-8th grades to build next-level reading skills beyond phonetics and grammar. Students log in and complete chosen readings on various topics to respond to the material paying attention to details, main ideas, structure, and sequence of the material they have read. Gradually, reading rates (speed) can be increased reflecting comprehension and ongoing performance.

Students log in at

Students enter the code: rpcscju followed by thier username and password to login.